At what point do results and outcomes begin to matter? On the current political trajectory, we will be stripped of our humanity and forced to wear face burkas indefinitely without any debate, votes, benchmarks, or transparency. Not only are there no randomized clinical trials showing evidence that mask-wearing in the general populace works to stop the spread of respiratory viruses, but the reality of these mandates in practice for the past few months shows they are worthless and that the virus spreads as it spreads, regardless of human input. The latest example is Hawaii.  (See link for article)



Nothing like good old, simple observational science.  It’s interesting that Fauci, a huge fan of randomized controlled trials, states there are no plans to conduct a RCT on the effectiveness of universal ask-wearing.  Huh.  Perhaps he already knows they are worthless. The CDC since as late as May is citing the 10 randomized controlled trials that showed:

“no significant reduction in influenza transmission with the use of face masks.”

Horowitz’s article shows that Hawaii, the Philippines, and Peru all with universal mask mandates have some of the highest COVID case counts, hospitalizations, and death rates per capita in the world.

Hello, anybody home?

Again, public officials and mainstream medicine should be educating the public on how to make yourself a tough target for viruses and disease.  But that wouldn’t benefit Big Pharma and other spin-doctors who wouldn’t get kickbacks from things like vitamin C, D, zinc, healthy diet, lowering stress, and cheap drugs like the MATH+ protocol, Ivermectin, HCQ, heparin, and azithromycin.  Sigh, welcome to the new normal.

For more on the ineffectiveness of masks:

Yet, here’s our ‘authorities’, despite scientific evidence, flip flopping like a waffle-maker on masks:


“No, yes, no, yes…..”


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