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Oct. 29, 2022

National Inquiry Needed to Determine Cause of Increase in Excess Deaths

Redacted with Clayton Morris

Why are there so many excess deaths in Western countries since the pandemic? Is it because overall health has declined? Is it because of “vaccine”? We break down the numbers to try to figure it out.

Mainstream media, academic and scientific, and government communities are completely ignoring this widespread phenomenon.


Moderna DOUBLES the Chance of Infant Death, Compared to Pfizer

Another Slide from CDC Presentation Shows Statistically Significant Difference


CDC’s own presentation shows that being given a higher-dose Moderna vaccine during pregnancy, almost DOUBLES the chance of neonatal death, compared to women who received the lower-dose Pfizer vaccine.

How can Covid vaccine given during pregnancy be safe and NOT affect infant deaths, if infant death rate for Moderna-inoculated women is double the infant death level for Pfizer-inoculated women and the difference is statistically significant?  (See link for article)


  • It is likely the result is due to a dose-response relationship in that Moderna is a higher dose injection.
  • This is all we need to know to prove that COVID injections affect infant death.
  • The CDC presentation conveniently only compares Pfizer vaxxed women to Moderna vaxxed women.  It is highly likely that comparing these vaxxed women to unvaxxed women would show that even more infant deaths could have been prevented if pregnant women refused the jabs altogether.
  • How come the CDC and media are silent about this?

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