Is Geert Right? Let’s Hope Not.

Rather than control the pandemic, vaccines now appear instead to be contributing to it—with alarming implications, Vanden Bossche warns.

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Virologist Geert Vanden Bossche predicts a vicious wave of covid-19 that will be driven by the vaccinated, or, more accurately, by the scientifically dubious policy of repeated mass vaccination. (Mary Beth Pfeiffer)

ANTWERP, Belgium—I spent nearly three hours in this historic city on October 11 in an interview with Geert Vanden Bossche, who has devoted years to studying the complex interplay between vaccines and the human immune system. In our talk, this Belgian veterinarian-turned-virologist and vaccine researcher made unsettling predictions for the future.

I can only hope that Vanden Bossche, 62, is wrong. Let’s for the moment assume he is, that there are significant variables that can and often do intervene. That will make this story easier to read as well as write.

From the start, I asked Vanden Bossche to speak, uncharacteristically for him, in as simple terms as possible.

The short version is this: He predicts a vicious wave of covid-19, with cases already rising in parts of Europe. The coming re-emergence of SARS-CoV-2 will escalate quickly, he contends, and make all other waves pale in comparison. It will, he believes, be driven by the vaccinated, or more accurately, by the misdirected and scientifically dubious policy of repeated mass vaccination.

Vanden Bossche has long asserted that the global covid vaccination program, unprecedented in human history, would put enormous pressure on the virus to mutate; his warning has repeatedly been proven true. While the unvaccinated gained long-lasting, adaptable natural immunity from covid infection, the vaccinated harbor a confused and mostly unhelpful array of old-variant anti-spike antibodies; Vanden Bossche believes these so complicate the immune response that more serious disease from new variants will result. In the vaccinated, the SARS-CoV-2 virus, he predicts, will imminently turn a corner from more contagious to more virulent.

“The losses will be huge,” Vanden Bossche, dressed in a scarf and light jacket, told me across a table in a sunny outdoor café. Hospitals will be overwhelmed, he believes. Stability will be shaken.

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Geert has stated this all before here:

  • mass vaccination drives viral immune escape
  • In the countries whom have undertaken mass vaccination, (UK, Israel, USA), they will initially experience a drop in infectivity rates, but they will inevitably suffer from a steep incline in severe COVID cases in the weeks to come (Which has now been experienced)

Geert is not alone. Nobel Prize winner, Luc Montagnier, a French virologist has also expressed similar beliefs:

  • The vaccines don’t stop the virus, they “feed the virus,” and facilitate its development into stronger and more transmittable variants
  • New virus variants will be more resistant to “vaccination” and may cause more health implications than their “original” versions
  • Mass “vaccinations” are a “scientific error as well as a medical error,” and an “unacceptable mistake,” he said

Dr. Paul Marik, chief scientific officer for the Front-line COVID Critical Care Alliance states COVID mutations have become less harmful.  Omicron was less virulent.  And while Marik agrees with Geert that the mRNA shots are harmful he doesn’t quite follow the doomsday predictions.

Dr. Sin Hang Lee, a pathologist and published expert in molecular diagnostics, also believes covid will become “less of a problem even with ADE (antibody dependent enhancement) infection. We will live with it (with all its descendants) for a long time.”

In response to critics, Geert states their criticism has nothing to do with science.  He also believes Africa will win the battle due to strong immune systems and only 24% of the population getting the COVID shots, compared to 64% worldwide.  Geert doesn’t mention it, but the other reason is many regions of Africa regularly take ivermectin, a known COVID prophylaxis that stops viral replication that has been maligned and banned by ‘the powers that be.’

But Dr. Lee presented context due to the flawed COVID tests and that many of these supposed new cases might be nothing more than the seasonal flu as the test can not distinguish between the two nor can it even identify variants.  Then there’s the whole cycling debacle as well as the “died with or died from” debacle.

Dr. Tess Lawrie believes that while humanity is in grave danger we have the power of choice and the first choice should be to forego all COVID shots followed by a following a healthy diet and lifestyle as well as following the detox guide on the WCH website.

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