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Oct. 24, 2022

Is Boston University the new Wuhan? Researchers there have skipped the required NIH framework for dangerous pathogens to create a chimeric SARS virus strain on American soil.

Boston University researchers are taking that stance that it’s not ‘gain of function’ due to the fact their merging of the original Wuhan COVID strain with Omicron only caused an 80% kill rate in rats vs. the 100% kill rate in the original strain – essentially a “reduction in function.”

However, there is no way they could have known the outcome and as Dell succinctly points out, they could have created a more deadly virus and then accidentally carried it out of the lab similarly to how many believe is what happened in Wuhan.

Dell is not alone.  Other experts have slammed the research:

“This is playing with fire – it could spark a lab-generated pandemic.” ~ Daily Mail

Of course mainstream media is coming to bat (no pun intended) for the dangerous research as they are bought-out by Big Pharma and Big government – all of which are paid by the same entities and have the same agenda.  While mainstream media admits the research involved creating a hybrid COVID-19 strain, it’s all well and good because of the purpose of the study and the supposed safety measures that were taken.

Sorry.  No dice.

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