Lyme Disease and Depression – A Personal Story

by | Jul 13, 2022

Studies show that the incidence of Lyme disease in the USA has nearly doubled since 1991. While the disease is associated with many physical symptoms, there is a correlation between Lyme disease and depression. In fact, Lyme can have a significant psychological affect as much as physical ones on infected individuals. Axiom Medical’s Communication Director, Autumn Brennan, had a rough experience with Lyme. In this blog, we share her heart-felt story as well as tips and tricks to manage Lyme’s physical and mental challenges.

Lyme Disease and Depression – Autumn’s Story

It was a gorgeous fall day in Southwest Wisconsin, warm and sunny with a gentle breeze. I packed up my daughters and headed to a local organic apple orchard, where we had harvested apples every year for over a decade.  (See link for article)


Great excerpt:

There is no magical one-size-fits-all cure for chronic pain, mental health challenges, or substance use. But there is pure magic in our human connection. If you see someone struggling:

  • approach them kindly with your care, concerns, and a listening ear
  • if they are open to support, offer professional resources for assistance
  • schedule regular time to check in on their progress and catch up on hugs

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