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Hospitals Covering Up Baby Deaths by Cremating Babies Themselves

July 14, 2022

John O’Looney is a brave Funeral Home whistleblower who has been raising the alarm since early on in the pandemic.

He joined us to discuss the findings from this embalmer which are in line with what Dr. Jane Ruby, Richard Hirschman and others have found – long, fibrous strands inside people who have been injected.

During our interview, John revealed shocking information regarding hospitals covering up baby deaths by cremating the babies themselves.

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You may be unaware, but FEMA helps pay funeral costs for COVID-related deaths.  I actually knew of a man who died, and the family was told if they labeled it a “COVID death” funeral expenses would be paid.  It didn’t matter if he died of COVID or not – it became a matter of money, just like in hospitals and the use of the diabolical CARES Act which is being used to hand-cuff doctors from treating COVID with effective treatments.

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