Lyme: The New Pharma Frontier

Nov. 15, 2021

In this informative presentation, chuck full of facts and data, Dr. Raphael Stricker, a San Francisco internist and hematologist, and board member of, who is an internationally recognized leader in tick-borne disease diagnosis and treatment, discusses what it will take to develop new drug treatments for Lyme disease.

He shows that the Lyme disease epidemic is much larger than HIV/AIDS, HCV, and tuberculosis in the USA and may involve sexual transmission.  He calls on Big Pharma to take the lead in the global fight against Lyme disease.

Clearly, this will never happen.  Big Pharma and our corrupt public health ‘authorities’ and therefore mainstream research are too enamored with a shiny new Lyme “vaccine” which will reap in billions, of which they all will get a nice cut from, to be bothered by such mundane things like treatments, which would immediately help patients and alleviate suffering, but aren’t cash-cows like “vaccines.”  Just look at how COVID has been handled for a current exampleDoctors are screaming that there have been cheap, safe, treatments from the beginning of COVID, and that 500,000 lives could have been saved, but they are being censored, bullied, and persecuted by regulatory agenciessimilarly to the way Lyme literate doctors have been treated.

I argue that the only path forward is to do the work ourselves with independent researchers without ties to Big Pharma and the government.  Historically, this is the only positive forward movement that has been made in Lymeland.

The sooner we wake up and realize our corrupt public health ‘authorities’, regulatory agencies, and research institutions that rely upon government grants are captured agencies the sooner we can fix this by going around the system not crawling in bed with it.

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