Sunday, February 13, 2022 at 8:15pm EST
Lyme disease is the #1 vector-borne infection in the United States. And, tick-borne illnesses are on the rise, in large part due to climate change leading to an ever-expanding range for the ticks that carry these pathogens.I invite you to join us on Sunday, February 13, 2022 at 8:15pm EST as we host a live presentation The Future of Lyme and TBD’s: Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment Options by internationally recognized Lyme and tick-borne illness expert Dr. Horowitz.

In this 90 minute presentation, Dr. Horowitz will be focusing on how global climate change is impacting us all, leading to the spread of infectious diseases, including Lyme, tick-borne co-infections and viral illnesses, and what we need to do to change the fate of our planet.
Please understand that an infected, independent tick researcher who doesn’t depend upon government grant money has completely dismantled the “climate change” myth regarding ticks.

Research has been hijacked by the highest bidder and researchers clearly understand they must ‘toe the line’ and repeat accepted narratives in order to obtain grant money.  “Climate change” is one such narrative.  This is happening in every single area of research, but particularly with Lyme/MSIDS. Patients will only get answers from independently funded researchers without conflicts of interest.

Unfortunately, many doctors innocently perpetuate the accepted narrative. You can always tell when something is an accepted narrative when debate is thwarted completely and bullying tactics are used against anyone who disagrees.  This is happening prolifically with “climate change.”  Similar to COVID policies, we are told to blindly believe despite evidence to the contrary.


John explains, “The climate change range expansion model is what the authorities have been using to rationalize how they have done nothing for more than thirty years. It’s a huge cover-up scheme that goes back to the 1980’s. The grandiose scheme was a nefarious plot to let doctors off the hook from having to deal with this debilitating disease. I caught onto it very quickly. Most people have been victims of it ever since.”

“This climate change ‘theory’ is all part of a well-planned scheme. Even the ticks are smarter than the people who’ve concocted this thing,” he says.

“Climate change has nothing to do with tick movement. Blacklegged ticks are ecoadaptive, and tolerate wide temperature fluctuations. On hot summer days, these ticks descend into the cool, moist leaf litter and rehydrate. In winter, they descend into the leaf litter, and are comfortable under an insulating blanket of snow. Ticks have antifreeze-like compounds in their bodies, and can tolerate a wide range of temperatures. For instance, at Kenora, Ontario, the air temperature peaks at 36°C and dips to –44°C, and blacklegged ticks survive successfully.

“Ticks are marvellous eco-adaptors. They will be the last species on the planet. Do you see how silly this theory of climate change is as a way to rationalize what’s happening. It’s all a red herring to divert your attention,” he explains.

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