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SAN ANTONIO (WOAI/KABB) — A San Antonio woman is still in shock after she says a Covid nasal swab test went horribly wrong.

“It hurt, it was an immediate instant migraine,” says Chari Timm. “I’ve never had a migraine ever in my life.”

Chari Timm says the swab was inserted in her nose and she instantly felt pain.  (See link for article and video)




Pneumocephalus is when there has been a rupture in the dural membrane, or the lining that’s around the brain, which allows air to enter the space that’s normally occupied by the head.

Experts say it’s rare, but they aren’t surprised it happened.

“Patients are asked to tilt their head back and the trajectory is more parallel to the nostril, the bridge of the nose and that’s what can bring the that swab further up and put you in a range of potentially having that Covid swab then rupture the dural membranes,” says ENT specialist Spencer Payne.

To read more frightening experiences with this test:

First, it’s a head scratcher why anyone is STILL getting COVID tests as they are horribly inaccurate and comparable to Lyme tests.

In December, it was reported that saliva tests for COVID are as accurate as nasal swabs – which again, isn’t accurate but safer than these brain-puncturing swabs!

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