Coronavirus vaccine won’t bring about ‘fairytale’ ending to pandemic, expert warns

  • As the coronavirus pandemic continues to haunt policymakers and the public around the world, a lot of hope is being placed in finding an effective and safe vaccine against Covid-19.
  • The chances of finding an effective vaccine soon are not that high, one expert told CNBC.  (See link for article)



Important quote:

“This means that for half the people that get the vaccine it wouldn’t work,” Fisher said. “Most people aren’t expecting this to be 100% effective.

Meanwhile, make sure you are well read on this experimental fast-tracked DNA vaccine, most of which are made with fetal cell lines, need electricity to zap it into you, experts worry might cause chronic inflammation, autoimmunity, cancer, and a whole host of other important issues to consider, and will utilize 5G to monitor you and potentially modify your behavior.

Please see:  Dr. Carrie Madej D.O. discusses the COVID-19 vaccine in this ground-breaking, informative documentary.  It is critical you educate yourself and others on this frightening technology that our ‘authorities’ are not being transparent about.

Between now and Dec. doctors see a:

  • four-fold increase in consultations in general practice in a GOOD Year
  • they see an 8 fold increase in an epidemic year 
  • 50% increase in deaths between now and January
But trust me, this will all be blamed on COVID.




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