The only ‘circuit break’ in the pandemic we need now is from the government’s doom-mongering scientific advisers who specialise in causing panic and little else, say PROF CARL HENEGHAN and DR TOM JEFFERSON

Over the centuries, the course of respiratory illnesses have been so erratic that in the Middle Ages they were attributed to the influence of planets. They were known as ‘Influenza degli astri’ in Italian – hence the term influenza.

Today, our bewildered Prime Minister and his platoon of inept advisers might as well be using the planets to guide us through this pandemic, so catastrophic and wildly over-the-top are their decisions.

Now we look set to repeat the pattern of what happened six months ago when they first panicked the country into shutting down, except that this time it has been given a fancy title – operation ‘circuit break’. (See link for article)



Heneghan reminds us that regarding seasonal pathogens,

you don’t push the disease by having delay tactics into the winter where we fare much worse in February and March’. 

But this is precisely what governments have done with lock downs and masks.

He also points out that between now and Dec. doctors see a:

  • four-fold increase in consultations in general practice in a GOOD Year
  • they see an 8 fold increase in an epidemic year 
  • 50% increase in deaths between now and January

But trust me, this will all be blamed on COVID.

There are numerous reasons for the uptick in health issues, including a lowered immunity in the winter months due to lower levels of vitamin D and being more inside where it’s crowded. So don’t be surprised if more people head to the doctor.  Historically this happens in the winter months.

Important excerpts:

It is strange and concerning, that the Government is still relying on mathematical modellers who have a 20-year track record of getting things wrong and have been particularly wrong in the past six months.

Why have we lost sight of the fact that the agents of doom from Imperial College have already admitted that Sweden – which had no lockdown – has probably suppressed Covid-19 to the same level as Great Britain but without draconian measures?

Does anybody remember the 2005 H5N1 – or ‘bird flu’ – influenza pandemic? You would be forgiven for having no recollection because there was no such pandemic, despite the warnings of Professor Neil Ferguson and his team.

For more on the H1N1 Scam where the CDC stopped counting cases but continued to stir up fear so many would take their experimental vaccine:
Which, BTW, caused brain damage in many children:  
Our public ‘authorities’ are reading off an ancient script they’ve used many times before.  Don’t be duped.  


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