Tweet from Dr. Alfred Miller:

Recent case: 30 y/o female, bedridden, returned from the Mayo Clinic diagnosed with ALS.This patient was then properly tested for Borrelia & coinfections.  Results confirmed Borrelia & Bartonella infection.Appropriate antibiotics began. Now patient able to ascend & descend stairs.   
Although this is a year old, it’s a potent reminder that things are often not what they seem – particularly with neurological diseases that have been slapped with a label but have many causes.
Dr. Miller has been an outspoken advocate for Lyme/MSIDS patients for years.  He started on this journey after his own daughter in law was given an ALS diagnoses but struggled with tick-borne illness.  Like so many patients, she tested on the CDC ELISA testing, and was told it couldn’t be Lyme/MSIDS.  Miller wouldn’t accept this prognosis and sent her blood to a specialty lab where sure enough, it came back positive.
Miller believes all patients who have been given a diagnosis of a neurodegenerative disease—including ALS, MS, lupus, and fibromyalgia—should be evaluated for Lyme disease.

Our most ardent supporters are usually infected or have loved ones that are infected.  All of a sudden, they “get it,” after having to travel the same pot-holed riddled path as suffering patients and see for themselves the complete mismanagement of a complex disease that hasn’t made any forward progress in over 40 years.
This is the reason I feel strongly the CDC/FDA/NIH should not be given one more dime.  These agencies don’t care about public health at all and are in fact complicit in a crime against sick patients, whom they not only haven’t helped them one tiny bit, but have in fact abused and neglected them.
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