Remember, I told you not to expect anything to come out of the CDC and FDA admitting an early “safety” signal of clot shots and strokes.  Well, I hate to say I was right:

About That CDC Stroke “Safety” Signal We All Detected Last Year: America Suffered the Cost of Vaccine Risk, Injury & Death Denialism.

First of all, it’s a signal of risk, not safety. Second, we detected the signal over a year ago, long before the CDC. They appear now to have lost the signal. How many strokes could have been averted?

This is a compendium of useful resources – evidence – that proves that the signal of stroke was present early on and persisted through the process to “pharmacovigilance”.

May 2021

Dr. Gregory Michael

From Seneff et al (May, 2021): “Dr. Gregory Michael, an obstetrician in Miami Beach, died of a cerebral hemorrhage 16 days after receiving the first dose of the Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine. Within three days of the vaccine, he developed idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP), an autoimmune disorder in which the immune cells attack and destroy the platelets. His platelet count dropped precipitously, and this caused an inability to stop internal bleeding, leading to the stroke, as described in an article in the New York Times (Grady and Mazzei, 2021). The New York Times followed up with a second article that discussed several other cases of ITP following SARS-CoV-2 vaccination (Grady, 2021), and several other incidences of precipitous drop of platelets and thrombocytopenia following SARSCoV-2 vaccination have been reported in the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS).”

October 2021

Dr. Blaylock, October 2021 – Covid-19 pandemic: What is the truth? Surg Neurol. In 2021 doi: 10.25259/SNI_1008_2021. eCollection 2021.

“These vaccines can also trigger seizures, strokes, and even neuropsychiatric disorders. Keep in mind that in some cases these disorders do not appear for years or even decades. Dr. Peter McCullough, a professor of internal medicine and cardiology, cited a case in which a woman lost all memory after receiving the first vaccine dose.[26] He also told of a fully vaccinated woman who lost her baby after breastfeeding. The child died of a thrombotic/hemorrhagic episode.”

Full text:

Dec 2021

A comment on Steve Kirsch’s newsletter, Dec, 2021:

“Ancedotally (sic), I was in the ER a couple of weeks ago. Hospital beds in the area were full of stroke, heart attack, and clotting patients. This nurse offered this when I asked. I was, under protest, being worked up for heart attack and clotting because I casually mentioned chest pain in a telehealth appointment. I had a cold. I tried to walk it back and they wouldn’t let me. D-dimer, ekg, traponin (sic) test. I am 41, low bmi, exercise 5 times a week, take no medications, no history of heart issues. I was like, uh, you guys seeing a lot of heart attacks? They were like, OMG SO MANY. And strokes too, and blood clots. They just the last two, I did not prompy(sic) them.”

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Weiler’s Substack presents example after example of blood clots, hemorrhages, strokes, heart attacks, pathogenic priming, deep vein thrombosis, myocardial infarctions, pulmonary embolisms, and deaths.  Further, a postmortem study of patients “vaccinated” for COVID in Colombia showed that nearly 60% of deaths were classified as sudden cardiac death. 

“Despite the author’s claim of “no association,” its my interpretation of the data that 78% of the deaths could be directly attributed to a known mechanism of COVID-19 vaccination. This is very consistent with the recent report from Schwab et al from Germany whose data revealed 71% of deaths within 20 days of vaccination occurred in the context of acute problems known to be caused by the vaccines….when autopsies done by separate teams in different countries arrive at similar findings, we have external consistency.”  ~ Dr. Peter McCullough

But, the CDC and FDA suddenly find no increased risk of strokes for the elderly who got the Pfizer bivalent booster, just like the DOD didn’t find a massive increase in sickness and injury diagnoses in 2021 over previous years, particularly in the neurological, cardiovascular, oncological, and reproductive health categories, after whistleblowers came forward.  Why’s this, you ask?  They simply “recalibrated” their health surveillance data to make it all disappear, kind of like when the CDC ‘disappeared’ nearly 13,000 VAERS reports, and kind of like when the FAA helped airlines cover up “vaccine” injuries by loosening the cut-off for cardiac damage in medical clearance for aviation.

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