Washington medical board charges Dr. Ryan Cole with COVID-19 related violations

The board gives Cole until the end of the month to respond
BY: – JANUARY 18, 2023 

Dr. Ryan Cole of Idaho has until Jan. 30 to respond to charges from the Washington Medical Commission that he violated standards related to COVID-19 and patient care.

Cole, a pathologist whose specialty does not involve direct patient-care experience, has maintained that he didn’t violate any standards while treating patients for COVID-19 via telehealth.

The statement of charges from the Washington Medical Commission says otherwise.  (See link for article)


Speaking of doctors speaking out, go here to listen to 18 minutes of doctor after doctor from the UK and internationally speaking against the COVID shots.


Similarly to Lyme literate doctors who defy the accepted narrative of Lyme/MSIDS, ‘the powers that be’ must make an example out of Dr. Ryan Cole, (and others) for being outspoken critics of all things COVID. Despite being a highly trained and respected pathologist entitled to own opinions, dissenters must not be allowed in the upside down world of COVID.  The medical board has been hounding him for over a year due to Cole’s public responses.

“This has been purely Good Samaritan care for patients desperate for help that was not being offered elsewhere,” he wrote in a letter to the Washington Medical Commission last year. “… I provided free medical care out of a real attempt to help those in need.” ~ Dr. Ryan Cole

Well now, free medical care is certainly going to ruffle those in the medical industry who are attempting to monopolize medicine at the expense of patient health.  They’ve successfully done it in Lymeland for 40 years.

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