TickEase Founder Dan Wolff on Dangers of Ticks, What We Need to Know About Prevention


Dan Wolff, aka: “Tick Man Dan,” wore a tie emblazoned with images of ticks to his wedding. He regularly wears shirts and even a wristwatch with pictures of the arachnids on them. He has two tattoos of the creepy, blood-sucking pests permanently inked onto his left leg. He even goes on tick hunting expeditions, and he keeps jars of them around his home. This may strike some people as weird, but for Wolff, they’re conversation starters on a subject he’s passionate about. Plus, it’s part of how he makes his living. Tick Man Dan’s mission is simple: to educate the public on the dangers posed from the diseases and parasites carried by ticks, and to promote his brand, TickEase. The company makes a set of specialty tweezers designed by Wolff himself that are meant specifically for the removal of ticks and their nymphs once embedded in a person.

When I spoke to Wolff via Zoom from his home in Massachusetts, I learned more about ticks in one 40-minute sitting than I had learned my whole life. We spoke about TickEase and their Tick-Kits, proactively preventing issues, and his general enthusiasm for these tiny creatures that are capable of causing such big problems.  (See link for article)



  • Out of necessity, Wolff created Tickease when he couldn’t find a good tick removal device – particularly for an embedded nymph (which is as small as a poppy seed).
  • Unfortunately Wolff regurgitates the “warmer weather gets more ticks” mantra – essentially propelling the ‘climate change’ myth regarding tick and disease proliferation. 
    • Ticks are marvelously ecoadaptive and can survive virtually all weather by burrowing under leaf litter and snow – and anything else they can find. 
    • The repeated mantra of “climate change”, wildlife proliferation, and surburban sprawl ignores the very real spreading of ticks by our own government who has experimented on ticks for decades.
    • Willy Burgdorfer, the “discoverer” of Lyme disease was a researcher at the Rocky Mountain laboratory where he weaponized ticks by force-feeding them numerous pathogens.
  • Ticks can be active year-roundproving their ecoadaptability.  They can go into a dormant state called diapause due to a anti-freeze-like substance in their bodies which actually feeds the Lyme bacteria.
  • Wolff found ticks can wake up fast with a feeding frenzy if there are periods of cold interrupted by a sudden increase in temps. Please watch this short video demonstrating how quickly this can happen.
  • Wolff dispels the myth that it takes 36 hours for ticks to transmit Lyme.  (It can happen in a few of mere hours)
  • He also points out that viruses can be transmitted in minutes and that ticks carry far more than just Lyme.
  • When removing a tick, do not agitate it or get the contents of the abdomen on you.

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