Experiences with tick exposure, Lyme disease, and use of personal prevention methods for tick bites among members of the U.S. population, 2013-2015

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Consistent and effective use of personal prevention methods for tickborne diseases, including Lyme disease (LD), is dependent on risk awareness. To improve our understanding of the general U.S. population’s experiences with tick exposure and use of personal prevention methods, we used data from ConsumerStyles, a web-based, nationally representative questionnaire on health-related topics. Questions addressed tick bites and LD diagnosis in the last year, use of personal prevention methods to prevent tick bites, and willingness to receive a theoretical LD vaccine. Of 10,551 participants surveyed over three years:

  • 12.3 % reported a tick bite for themselves or a household member in the last year, including 15.4 % of participants in high LD incidence (LDI) states, 16.3 % in states neighboring high LDI states, and 9.4 % in low LDI states.
  • Participants in high LDI states and neighboring states were most likely to use personal prevention methods, though 46.6 % of participants in high LDI states and 53.9 % in neighboring states reported not using any method. Participants in low LDI states, adults ≥ 75 years of age, those with higher incomes, and those living in urban housing tended to be less likely to practice personal prevention methods.
  • Likeliness to receive a theoretical LD vaccine was high in high LDI (64.5 %), neighboring (52.5 %), and low LDI (49.7 %) states.

Targeted educational efforts are needed to ensure those in high LDI and neighboring states, particularly older adults, are aware of their risk of LD and recommended personal prevention methods.



Well, well, it’s not hard to see through the veneer of this study.  Under the guise of “educational efforts,” this is nothing more than phishing to see if people will take the jab.  Our public ‘authorities’ are only concerned about Lyme disease when it suits them and typically it only suits them when there’s a lucrative vaccine in the works.  

Much has been written about the Lyme vaccine but the piece that really exposes Oz behind the curtain is this:

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Quotes from the patients affected by the LYMErix VACCINE:

“…..Smithkline should not be able to destroy people’s lives as they have destroyed mine …”

“… As of May 8, 2000 there were 467 adverse reactions reported to VAERS, and of them 144 had complained of some sort of joint pain. Please do not let this vaccine hurt anymore people. I know SmithKline is trying to get it approved for children, PLEASE DO NOT LET THEM HURT ANYMORE KIDS…”

“….. The FDA let them put this on the market without fully testing it. The longer that this is left on the market, the more people are going to get hurt. Please stop this madness and take it off the market…”

“….. No one else should ever suffer such profound life changes through the administration of a “safe” vaccine. He would have been far better off to get Lyme Disease than to be incapacitated by something we counted on to protect his health!…”

“….Please stop this vaccine from wrecking more lives! !Respectfully submitted…”

One thing is for certain: the Lyme vaccine has caused the very symptoms it is supposed to prohibit.  

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