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‘I feel incredibly robbed’: The debate and deadly effects of Lyme disease in Colorado

Alexis Kikoen
Samantha Davis and her 3-year-old son Felix look through pictures of her husband, Nate, after he lost his life to complications from Lyme disease and mold poisoning.

DENVER — Samantha Davis and her 3-year-old son Felix sit together at their kitchen table. A large pile of photographs sits in front of them, and they slowly start to make their way through it.

“Oh my gosh, what are we doing?” Davis asks Felix as she shows him a picture. “Rafting with Papa!” he excitedly responds.

Davis continues to flip through the stack and lands on a picture of her husband wandering through a canyon in Moab, Utah. Her expression becomes somber.

“Here’s Papa in Moab, probably the year he got bit,” she sighs. “We had no idea what the early symptoms of Lyme disease were, or what untreated Lyme could do to you.”

Davis lost her husband Nate Watters on June 5, 2021, to complications from Lyme disease and mold poisoning. He was 36 years old. (See link for article)



  • The article predictably asks the question if Lyme even exists in Colorado.  The problem with this illogical and ignorant question is it doesn’t take into account the fact that travel.  The fox, deer, bird, and people travel everywhere picking up ticks and dropping them everywhere.  I can’t believe we are still having this discussion.
  • A singular thinking doctor in Colorado (Dr. Shawn Naylor) points out that there are numerous strains of borrelia that cause Lyme-like disease, and while they may not be picking up Borrelia burgdorferi, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t other strains causing illness, and absence of evidence is not proof of absence.  Borrelia is a fastidious organism and extremely hard to find. The “discoverer” of Lyme, Willy Burgdorfer stated so in this important 4 min video.
  • The fact this man had a EM rash (which is diagnostic for Lyme) and didn’t get diagnosed and treated is a clear reminder that Lymeland remains in the Dark Ages.  When is the medical profession going to take this seriously enough to train doctors appropriately?  Simply put: this man did not have to die.
  • IMO the hands/skin pain and rawness is an indicator that should point doctors to another strain – a European strain that causes skin manifestations (not something I see much of here in WI but still exists).   This picture is from a year old study and even shows the hand involvement.       

  • Then the barrel of monkey symptoms came tumbling out: (weight loss, facial swelling, body lesions, fatigue, graying hair, muscle pain, etc) should have sent off red-light warning bells. But, the medical system stupidity continues.
  • The guy even manages to test positive for Lyme.  But again, due to flagrant stupidity, doctors regurgitate the mantra that it must be a false positive because Lyme isn’t common in Colorado, and Lyme “doesn’t look like this.”  Wow.
  • The ignorance is blatantly pointed out by an entomologist and Lepidopterist manager that states the black legged tick does not naturally occur in Colorado, therefore Lyme disease transmission is rare to non-existent.  As the saying goes however; gargage in, garbage out.

    • First, ticks carry all sorts of nasty diseases they can transmit and they can all look somewhat similar. Second, testing for ALL of these pathogens is abysmal, which means it’s not getting picked up which explains why things are often “rare” when they are not. Third, even IF patients are picking Lyme up from nearby states, what does it matter?  You have sick people and they need to be diagnosed and treated.  It’s ironic to me that globalization is embraced for everything until it comes to tick-borne illness.  Then, for some illogical but nefarious reason, it’s all about geography and limitations (where ticks are and where they aren’t – where things are rare, and where they aren’t) when people and animals move about freely. Fourth, it’s unacceptable that we are still in this quandary and that doctors are still taking this tact when it’s been proven there are numerous genospecies that cause illness in animals and humans, including:
      • a peer-reviewed research paper published in The Journal of Infectious Diseases in September 1994, a new genospecies of Borrelia burgdorferi was discovered in wood rats and ticks found in Northern Colorado.
      • A second paper published in the Journal of Clinical Microbiology in August 2000 gave the new Borrelia isolate a name – Borrelia bissettii. The strain has been identified in at least three different tick species in Colorado and has been isolated in humans displaying clinical symptoms typically associated with Lyme disease. According to the study, “It is therefore possible that some cases of Lyme disease in the United States may be caused by B. bissettii.”  
  • The fact Naylor, the singular thinking doctor, has to “speak carefully” on the subject demonstrates perfectly that Lyme/MSIDS has become highly politicized (like COVID) and politics trump science.  Naylor points out that the deceased man ran into denial from doctors despite testing positive multiple times on the western blot. He states doctors want to err on the side of ignorance than acknowledge that this is severely under-studied. Doctors also know that if they defy the accepted narrative, they will be hunted down and persecuted (just like we are seeing with doctors treating COVID). The persecution of doctors is extremely taxing, stressful, time consuming, and full of risk.  It takes strong, determined doctors to defy this tyranny, which is why we desperately need to decentralize the public health monopoly.
  • Doctors are getting their orders from the top-down, which starts in the government and then trickles down to research institutions, medical schools/professional organizations, and hospitals/clinicsThere are vast conflicts of interest in this pyramid scheme.
  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that up to 90% of tick-borne disease cases go unreported nationwide.  Hello!
  • Naylor then points out that states that are not considered to be “endemic” have much more complex and arduous reporting requirements, which turns into a self-fulfilling prophecy keeping these states forever non-endemic, even when they aren’t.
  • And this is how the CDC controls the narrative. They are in charge of parameters be it with reporting, testing, diagnostics, treatment guidelines, you name it.  Until this corrupt organization is shut down we will never have truth.
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