July 9, 2022

Trailer – The Research Cartel

An open thread – what do you think?

Hi all. I’ve put together a teaser for the upcoming film. This helps people to get a feel for what the film is about, how it might look, and the editorial tone it could take. Whilst in we’re in fundraising mode, the trailer helps to give key people an idea of where this film is headed. Getting more eyeballs on it is crucial!

To support the project, please like the video on YouTube, leave a comment, and share it on twitter and elsewhere. All of this helps the YouTube algorithm to push the video out to more people. I’ve also added this trailer to the IndieGoGo campaign website which you can find at the link below.

Also please do share direct links to the IndieGoGo page now that it also contains the trailer video. All support is hugely appreciated!

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