Retraction Note to: SARS-CoV-2 infects T lymphocytes through its spike protein-mediated membrane fusion

Xinling WangWei XuGaowei HuShuai XiaZhiping SunZezhong LiuYouhua XieRong ZhangShibo JiangLu Lu

The original article was published on 07 April 2020

Retraction to: Cellular & Molecular Immunology, published online 7 April 2020

The authors have retracted this article1. After the publication of this article, it came to the authors attention that in order to support the conclusions of the study, the authors should have used primary T cells instead of T-cell lines. In addition, there are concerns that the flow cytometry methodology applied here was flawed. These points resulted in the conclusions being considered invalid.

[All authors agree with this retraction]


1. Wang, X., Xu, W., Hu, G. et al. SARS-CoV-2 infects T lymphocytes through its spike protein-mediated membrane fusion. Cell Mol. Immunol. (2020).



Cell lines offer an easy, inexpensive and stable platform. However, they often do not fully represent what is occurring in vivo. If you want to model the complex physiological behavior, human primary cells would be the better choice.

Interestingly, the initial research paper that implicated how the novel coronavirus might infect white blood cells akin to HIV has been described as the splashiest article to date for the journal and only took 3 days to be accepted.  It took over two MONTHS to be retracted but continued to get noticed and shared.  Leonardo Ferreira, Molecular Immunologist and Human Genome Engineer writes:

While I applaud the openness of the authors and the editor, what kind of system is this where it takes more than 20 times longer to amend the scientific record than to publish flawed articles?

Ferreira brings up a valid point – especially in a time of panic and overreaching governmental sanctions based on ‘science.’  I can’t tell you how many letters of reply I’ve received back from Wisconsin politicians stating they are just ‘following the science.’  I write them back and explain they are following popular propaganda, and they need to realize there are authorities with hidden agendas using ‘science’ and even creating ‘science’ to buttress their own narrative.

I sincerely pray the public wakes up and becomes educated on this very important issue before we find ourselves locked away at home with ankle bracelets on.

Authorities are also suppressing effective treatments such as the MATH+ protocol, HCQ with zinc and azithromycin, and a viral protocol of taking vitamins A, C, D, and Iodine: 

I think this quote explains why these inexpensive treatments have been suppressed:

“Quarantines are not great to experience and certainly not popular. But they buy us — and especially the researchers working on medication and vaccinationcrucial time,” the narrator assures viewers. “So if you are under quarantine, you should understand why and respect it.”

Our ‘authorities’ are pushing lucrative experimental vaccines and the very expensive anti-viral, Remdesivir – both of which they have financial interests in.

Then, because he can, Fauci recently writes up a paper stating that only randomized controlled trials are reliable and that non-randomized, observations trials, are essentially wasting time.  Chris Newton explains it here:

My husband and I and thousands of Lyme/MSIDS patients would be dead if it weren’t for doctors willing to treat us without those precious randomized controlled trials.  This is why doctors go to school and why ‘authorities’ like Fauci are an enemy to Lyme patients.  He and others in high places vilify doctors who treat outside the box of their acceptability – and by vilify, I mean come after their medial licenses, fine them, and often put them out of business.

I’ve posted this before, but there is a similarity in how they’ve treated COVID and Lyme:  In it we learn the CDC insists upon using its own tests (even when they are horribly inaccurate), treatments (even if they are cost prohibitive), vaccines,and maligns anyone who opposes this dictatorship. I’ve seen it first-hand.

What’s truly sad about this is that people are dying – from both diseases, yet the CDC cares more about owning the patents on tests, treatments, and vaccines than they do about patient care. Health dictators like Fauci would rather sit on an ivory tower directing every aspect of a disease rather than humbly ask doctors who are having success how they do it and then utilizing their life-saving protocols.  This has happened in the Lyme world for over 40 years and is now taking place with COVID.

 Time to wake up and admit our ‘authorities’ care more about profit than patients.