A teacher who feared she had dementia has told how she was diagnosed with Lyme disease after nearly 30 years.

She begged NHS doctors to take her symptoms seriously but they were repeatedly stumped for answers until she took matters into her own hands.

It wasn’t until Pauline sent blood samples to Armin labs in Germany in 2018 that she was finally given the diagnosis of Lyme disease, after being bitten by a tick in America in 1989.

The condition, a bacterial infection transmitted through ticks, can cause serious problems and attack the nervous system if left untreated.

Pauline had battled her illness for almost 30 years before getting antibiotics which cured all her agonising symptoms away in just four weeks.
She was prescribed 28 days of doxycycline which cleared her symptoms, but after treatment stopped they returned.

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Forty years after Lyme was “discovered” people still struggle with a similar fate: undiagnosis and stumped doctors.  Isn’t it about time for this to change?

This patient, like so many others, self treats to keep symptoms at bay until the dreaded flair-up occurs which then requires another stint of treatment to beat back the infections.

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