Leading Australian cardiologist SLAMS push for mRNA vaccines

Eminent Sydney cardiologist Dr Ross Walker says in a bombshell interview that it was the wrong call to preference mRNA vaccines, citing a rise in heart-related complications and side effects in his practice


April 13, 2022

Leading Australian cardiologist SLAMS push for mRNA vaccines

Dr Ross Walker. YouTube / Rebel News edit

The on-air conversation between the pair stemmed from an earlier segment on Channel 9’s Sunday Footy Show, where Jones was joined by a panel of sports commentators in a discussion about Brownlow medallist Ollie Wines who was taken to hospital suffering symptoms including heart palpitations, nausea and dizziness.

While doctors officially ruled out both a vaccine link and Myocarditis in Wines’ case, Dr Walker provided a different insight into what he believes is occurring.

What they’re doing (club doctors) is they’re doing ECHOs on people and seeing that the heart is still pumping fine … I’m not saying that’s the case, I’m saying people will get sub-acute Myocarditis where the heart is still pumping well, but when you look for it there is indication of underlying heart damage, but just not bad enough to show the heart pumping poorly,” he said.

I’m sure what happened to Ollie is, they probably did an ultrasound on his heart and it was completely normal, so they then ruled it out and said there’s nothing wrong with your heart, but it doesn’t have to be to that level, that’s very rare, that’s four per million to get the full-blown Myocarditis.

But I’m saying I see a lot of people with cardiac symptoms, chest pain, palpitations, shortness of breath, dizziness but when you look at their heart there’s not much to find, and so I’m just saying this is a presumed diagnosis without having good clinical evidence that it is full-blown Myocarditis, because it isn’t.



This is a common problem in medicine.  Doctors often are not looking for sub-acute symptoms – this is also very true for tick-borne illness.

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