**UPDATE April 14, 2022**

In this most current video, Dr. Ardis answers questions after revealing his belief that COVID is actually caused by snake venom, such as:

  • Why are children hardly affected?
    • answer: high levels of melatonin are largely protective against snake venom
  • Why are people losing their hair?
    • Those bitten by snakes also lose their hair.
  • What about pets drinking tap water?
    • answer: water is already diluting the toxin, as well as animals may have enzymes that are protective
  • What about the issue of shedding?
    • Snakes actually can propel venom through the air. People with the toxin are going to also expel it through sweating, waste elimination, and coughing, sneezing, etc.  Women also expel toxins through menstruation and breast feeding.
  • If your body is injected with the spike protein, (i.e. COVID shots), identified in France in 2020 as being most like cobra or krait toxin, and rabies virus, your body is now manufacturing this toxic genetic sequence in your body foreverenter “long-term “covid.”  Snake toxin ends up shredding mammalian tissue – causing hemorrhaging, strokes, aneurysms, prion disease, miscarriages, they very things being seen.
  • What about natural immunity?
    • Notice people continue to get “Covid.” Even if this was just a “virus,” like the common cold – people continue to get sick.  Regarding venom, you can also continue to be poisoned and get sick.  There are some doctors; however, who believe you can be exposed repeatedly at low doses and develop a level of immunity (kind of like allergy treatments – LDA/LDI, etc.)
      • A 2021 Italian study found that those testing positive for Covid also had 36 different animal venom peptides, whereas the control group, testing negative, did not have a single one.
      • Further, each type of venom can be isolated and manufactured in a lab. They each target a different human organ which explains the Covid “comorbidity” issue.
  • Why do ivermectin, HCQ, cysticercoids, antimalarials, and zinc work?
    • All of these are protective against snake venom.  NAC and aspirin also help.
    • Nurses are coming forward stating this all makes sense to them now as they are treating patients.
    • Interestingly, only HCQ is listed as an antagonist against remdesivir (can not be adminsitered with it). Ardis believes this is why it has been completely banned and why he prefers HCQ.  HCQ and anti-malarials have been proven for a 100 years to block venom poisoning.  Go here for Ardis on effective treatments.
  • What about our water?
    • The CDC and everywhere else globally has been monitoring our water for Covid. Never has there been any mention of filtering it out.  Waste water becomes drinking water.
    • While Ardis can not prove they’ve put it into the water, he is suspicious as he doesn’t trust the CDC, as well as the fact they are monitoring it, and predicting future outbreaks from it. A rat study shows that drinking envenomed water produces the same results as being bitten.
      • Health Ranger, Mike Adams, states venom can easily be put into the water supply through nano carriers that are stabilized to cause the venom to persist.  He also points out that the UK company Venomtech which has a massive venom peptide and venom fragment library to be used by Big Pharma as well as pesticides for agriculture.  He did an interview with someone who claims chlorine dioxide will neutralize water and nullify any snake venom in it.  Please see this study showing CLO2’s affects as an antimicrobial agent.  It determined that daily ingestion of 500ml CLO2 having a concentration of 5ppm is safely tolerated [23]. This is not intended as advice for medical treatment.
  • While Dr. Malone is often given credit for creation of the mRNA “vaccines”, it’s actually University Pennsylvania Katalin Kariko and Drew Weissman who are the creators.  They state in a NIH & NIAID funded 2009 study: “A likely contributing factor to the enhanced translation observed with modification is an increase in biological stability of the mRNAs.  Indeed, higher resistance to hydrolysis by phosphodiesterases from snake venom and spleen has been reported when uridine was replaced with in dinucleotide substates.”
  • Then the two authors of the study have formed a small biotech company that receives funding from the NIH to explore the use of nucleoside-modified mRNA for gene therapy.
  • A 2012 study which found the unusual stability of messenger RNA in venom to conduct, for the first time, quantitative PCR to characterize the dynamics of gene expression of newly synthesized (not natural) venom proteins following venom depletion.  The authors are shocked to learn that venom stored since 1984 is able to stabilize mRNA.  So this means snake venom is the preservative/stabilizing agent of mRNA products.
  • Further, a 2014 study showed they could make it even more stable by wrapping it in a nanoparticle hydrogel.  Then they combined this with Dynabeads.
  • PCR has never been used for testing viruses until Covid.  PCR is, however, used to magnify the gene sequences of snake venom.  Also mentioned in the study is the fact “mRNA encoding snake venom metalloproteinase (which depletes your cells of metals like zinc & copper – which can cause strokes, hemorrhaging, & inability to breathe), serine protease, C-type lectin, Kunitz inhibitor, protein disulphide isomerase and QKW inhibitory peptide was PCR amplified from B. arientans venom which was extracted and lyophilised in 1984.”
  • The ‘powers that be’ are censoring and banning NAC, glutathione, cysteine, and vitamin C because they work against venom phosphodiesterase (and Covid).
  • Peter Hotez and microbiologist Maria Bottazzi of the Texas Children’s Hospital Center, are up for a Nobel Prize & credited with the discovery of Corbevax (aka Cobra vaccine) a low cost, patent-free “coronavirus” “vaccine.”  The only problem is Biological E. Limited from India actually created it and got EUA for use in Feb. 2022 in 12-18 year olds in India, but it had already received EUA for adults since Dec. 28, 2019.  What else does Biological E produce?  You got it, Cobra (Naja Naja) anti-venom, as well as for common krait venom, Russell’s viper venom, and Saw scaled viper venom. 
  • Moderna co-founder is using mRNA technology to treat venomous snakebites.
  • Medical professionals are trained to look for snake venom poisoning when they see elevated d-dimer tests. 
    • Dr. Hoff has already shown that those getting Covid shots have elevated d-dimer tests.
    • Embalmers are also finding blood clotting.
    • Chinese cupping has also shown this clotting.
    • All of this causes an increase in heart attacks
    • Interestingly, Dr. Edward Group states that people are being poisoned by having their skin punctured with a poison (vaccines). In nature there are poisonous spiders, snakes, bees, mosquitoes, ticks, etc. that puncture the skin and inject us with “poisons.”  All of these natural poisons cause an immune response, a cytokine storm, etc. It’s been known in India and other places that drinking your own urine and applying it topically over the bite causes the body to produce anti-venom/antibodies. This was used successfully in 1993 by a man bitten twice by cobras. He used no modern treatment, only his own urine. Snake charmers keep a bowlful of urine handy in case of snakebite.  Jain monks say that one who drinks urine regularly for 6 months becomes immune to snake poison. Research physicians from sessions from the AHA state, “urokinase” (extracts from urine) activates substances in the bloodstream that dissolve blood clots.  Go here for more info on urine therapy (both internal and external).
  • Again, this is not meant as medical advice. 

This means since 2009, they have been using snake venom properties to CREATE mRNA “vaccines.”

**UPDATE April 13, 2022**

For another take on the snake venom theory, please read this article in The Defender as well as this article by Steve Kirsch.  Both agree with some aspects of Ardis’ claims, but want to meet to discuss things more thoroughly.  Everyone agrees he’s making observations worthy of discussion.

Finally, some open minds willing to listen….this is what science is supposed to be.

https://www.redvoicemedia.com/2022/04/world-premiere-watch-the-water-full-movie/  Video Here (Approx 48 Min)

Revelations on COVID – Snake Venom Poisoning?

Stew Peters interviews Dr. Bryan Ardis, retired chiropractor, who drills down and shows COVID is snake venom poisoning.  I highly, highly recommend viewing the video above, but here’s a bullet-point summary:
  • From the beginning mainstream media told us the original source of COVID came from either pangolins, snakes, or bats.  Every time snake was mentioned, fact checkers continually spun it back to bats, but there’s never been any fact-checking against bats.  [A Chinese scientist] said, ‘This can’t be from these bats. These bats hibernate, and it’s the winter.’
  • When they did genetic sequencing from the antibodies of the 1st people who were sick in Wuhan, they found it to be most like proteins from the King Cobra and Chinese Krait snakes, NOT like bats.
  • The SARS-CoV-2 spike protein is also most identical to the Chinese Krait and King Cobra venom.
  • A U of Pittsburgh researcher studying this was going to publish his findings, but he couldn’t because he was found shot to death…..similarly to the German chemist who died a mysterious death after discovering graphene hydroxide in the COVID shots.
  • Anti-venom is monoclonal antibodies, which is why the ‘powers that be’ have bad-mouthed them from the beginning. They stripped them out of Florida and now they’ve totally removed them.  They don’t want patients to have it. Just like they don’t want patients to have HCQ, ivermectin, or NAC.
  • Remdesivir, lyophilized peptides, are king cobra venom proteins.
    • “They mix it in the same preparation as listed on the fact sheet for remdesivir to actually take cobra venom or any other viper venom and inject it into horses to make monoclonal antibodies, (which actually sounds an awful lot like this treatment for Lyme disease). When you read the emergency use authorization for remdesivir, it states that every practitioner who administers this to a COVID patient, pediatric or not, must evaluate for what’s called prothrombin time. If it increases the prothrombin time, it means it’s taking your blood’s ability to coagulate and making it longer, so it thins your blood. You will internally bleed to death.”  ~ Dr. Ardis
    • If you look at the CDC’s & the NIH’s website on the adverse events from remdesivir it actually says it increases prothrombin time which is exactly what king cobra venom does to the human body.
    • When [the University of Arizona] evaluated hundreds of blood samples of people who died, after being treated with remdesivir for COVID, they titled their published article Like Venom Coursing Through the Body: Researchers Identify Mechanism Driving COVID-19 Mortality’.  (it’s an enzyme related to neurotoxins found in rattlesnake venom)
  • These proteins attach to brain receptors that affect your diaphragm, stopping your breathing and destroying your lungs by a cytokine storm.  It also explains why COVID patients have trouble with blurred vision, speaking and swallowing, skeletal muscle weakness, respiratory failure, vomiting, abdominal pain, necrosis, anticoagulation, as well as low blood pressure, rapid heart rate, and weaker pulse – as these are all symptoms of snake bites.
  • When this happens in the hospital, the ‘powers that be’ put you on sedation drugs (morphine, fentanyl, precedex, lorazepam, or midazolam which also work on the same receptors controlling your diaphragm) to put you on a ventilator which will euthanize you by also acting much like snake venom does – by stopping your breathing.  They’ve got the cocktail down pat. The average person DIES on day 9 of this “approved” COVID hospitalization treatmentEven the corrupt WHO states it’s ineffective against COVID and a NY doctor stated way back in 2020, “We are treating the wrong disease.”  Treating the wrong disease would explain the following quote: “There is a dramatic increase in the number of vascular events, ischemic strokes, and thrombosis, which is likely due to the virus affecting coagulating mechanisms.”  ~ Dr. Pezzini  Source  Sounds exactly like the symptoms of snake bite venom.
  •  Stored Remdesivir is white to a yellowish tint.  Stored snake venom is also this color.
  •  Peptides found in Krait venom – as shown on the TV show “The Black List” – 2016 was predictive programming detailing exactly what’s going down. Corticosteroids and bronchodilators help what this venom does within the body for COVID just like it helped the poisoned character in the TV show.  He was poisoned by drinking the venom…..
  • Speaking of drinking….The CDC has a “waste water surveillance” tab on the COVID data tracker site. They have 400 water testing sites in 37 cities in this country. All of a sudden after testing water from Jan – Sept 2020, they are upping their testing because supposedly WE are pooping and peeing COVID into the water…. and supposedly they can tell the public that when they find high levels there’s going to be an outbreak in 4-5 days in the future…..which of course is just the opposite of what happens in reality.  Once you eliminate COVID from your body, you are on the downhill side of infection.  So how could you know and how could you confirm in the future – an outbreak that is going to happen?  They are using drinking water to target certain populations as well as specific organs like the spleen, pancreas, heart tissue and lung tissue.  They are targeting folks with problems in these organs.
  • The loss of taste and smell is from people drinking laced water….where the toxin then gets into the brain stem and paralyzes your diaphragm and your ability to breathe.  Fauci and ilk lied by stating smokers were being hit by COVID hardest. The truth is smokers were hardly hit at all and in fact nicotine BINDS the receptors the snake venom usesblocking the venom.  That’s when they came out with the “now is the best time to quit smoking” mantra. They didn’t want anything blocking their venom. Nicotine is protective for COVID because it stops the venom from getting to the receptors.
  • When people suck a snake bite and spit out the venom to remove it – they lose taste and smellwhich can last for 12 months- a year and a half, just like COVID patients.
  • There’s an article titled, “Moderna co-founder using mRNA technology to treat venomous snake bites.He went on to found the company Ophirex in San Francisco that is going to solely work on creating antivenom drugs for snake bites. Ironically, the DOD, the Welcome Trust Fund, and the United Nations FUND this company.
  • Snake bites also cause elevated D-dimers just like the COVID jabs do.  This indicates the mRNA shots also have snake venom in them which is why people are so fatigued and can have what looks like long COVID. D-dimers, usually at low levels in the body, are a byproduct of fibrinogen. D-dimer levels skyrocket after snake bites AND the COVID jab.
  • The liver is the #1 organ targeted by King Cobra venom. Remdesivir is also liver toxic.  
  • The peptides put in you (whether from snake venom or the jab) worsen over time with each successive snake bite or jab.  This is why they are pushing boosters at all costs.


“Like Venom Coursing Through The Body” – Remdesivir’s Unnerving Resemblances To The Toxin Of A Snake

Like most Americans, political commentator, Stew Peters, has watched as the COVID-19 agenda turned into a pandemic surrounded by hysteria. At the same time, there was something interesting taking place. Along with people getting sick with COVID-19, after being admitted to the hospital, it appears the hospitals were hopeless to some degree as many patients would find themselves on ventilators shortly after. And sadly, with no family being allowed around them, some patients ultimately succumbed to COVID-19. Wanting to understand how this could happen, Peters interviewed Dr. Bryan Ardis who had an interesting theory on COVID-19 and snake venom. (See link for article)


In Latin Coronavirus reads, “The Pope’s Venom”  also “King Cobra venom” pandemic.
Ardis believes this is a religious war on the world to get the serpent’s DNA into your God-given DNA to make you a hybrid.
Dr. Peter McCullough states autopsies on the vaxxed show the COVID shot’s fingerprints are everywhere including the brain, which is a 1st as no other vaccine has been able to get into the brain.  It’s also been found in the heart, another first for a vaccine, as well as reproductive organs, bone marrow, and lymph nodes.
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