Sure Signs You’ve Already Had a COVID Infection

The signs of Long COVID are ones we all need to know.

Article Summary:

  1. Persistence of Fatigue
  2. Shortness of Breath
  3. Unusual Pain Syndromes
  4. Loss of Smell or Taste for Long Periods of Time
  5. Profound Cardiovascular Disability
  6. Lack of Mental Cognitive—Cognitive Fog
  7. Auto-Immune – Like Issues
  8. Anxiety and Depression



While the world has come to a screeching halt over a coronavirus, Lyme/MSIDS patients continue to suffer in silence, unbelieved. Patients deal with all of the above symptoms and much, much more, but are told that they are imagining it. Most are suffering with a multitude of pathogens, each with the ability to make them miserable, but together serve as a one, two, punch and you are out. Cases are wildly variable and very difficult to treat.  The same medical establishment, led by the same corrupt public health ‘authorities’ continue to follow an unscientific, biased narrative that is slowly and painfully debilitating and killing people.

PCR HPV testing leads to >95% unnecessary colposcopic (cervical) biopsies on hundreds of thousands of healthy women each year.  The PCR test appears to have just as high of a false positive rate for COVID. 

Lyme testing, on the other hand, misses anywhere from 7086% or more of patients.


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