Tom Seaver, the Greatest Met of All Time, Dead at 75

New York Mets pitcher Tom Seaver poses for a photo in March 1968. (AP Photo)
New York Mets pitcher Tom Seaver poses for a photo in March 1968. (AP Photo) (Anonymous/AP)

The long goodbye has ended. The Mets’ “Franchise” is gone.

Tom Seaver, the greatest of all Mets who dropped out of public life in March of 2019 after being diagnosed with dementia died early Monday. According to family sources, Seaver, 75, died peacefully at his home in Calistoga, Calif., from complications from Lyme disease, dementia and COVID-19.  (See link for article)



Another great loss that didn’t have to occur.

There’s a few things about Seaver’s story we should note:

  1. Testing positive for COVID means very little.  Also, having COVID present in the body at the time of death does NOT mean it CAUSED death:
  2. He began having memory issues, mood swings, and flu-like symptoms.  
  3. He didn’t do anything about it initially.
  4. It took a major event (couldn’t remember his head vineyard worker’s name) for him to get help.
  5. It took years to get a Lyme diagnosis.  Please note – IT RECURS
  6. Due to years of misdiagnosis he obtained irreversible brain damage.
Mainstream medicine STILL isn’t properly educated on the severity and relapsing nature of many tick-borne illnesses.  

It’s also fairly common for people to put up with symptoms until they become unbearable.  It took my husband’s falling down the stairs for him to accept help.  

Brain damage isn’t always irreversible.  Actor and singer Kris Kristofferson’s story should encourage us:

Dr. Mario D Garrett says we should prepare for the coming pandemic of Lyme dementia: