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Vitamin D Might Just Save You From Getting COVID-19

Sept. 12, 2020

In the video, Taha Meli Arvas explains that a study conducted at the University of Chicago and published this week in the Journal of the American Medical Association claims that vitamin D deficiency may have been factor in the infections of COVID-19 patients. In fact, patients that had a vitamin D deficiency or those whose deficiency were not treated were almost twice as likely to test positive for the coronavirus relative to those that had enough vitamin D. Why is this a major breakthrough? This means that those that are already vitamin D deficient, and this is a majority of the population by the way, may need only to take vitamin D supplements to boost their immune system to prevent from getting the coronavirus and successfully battle it if they’ve already been infected.


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Connecting the dots is easy. The government is spending over $10 billion on its Operation Warp Speed to produce a vaccine that will be shielded from liability.

A rushed COVID-19 vaccine will not go through full safety trials, yet the FDA will probably issue an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) to approve a vaccine. To issue an EUA, there must be “no adequate, approved, and available alternative.” In other words, HCQ or another effective treatment is a threat to a vaccine; if hydroxychloroquine is effective, there can be no fast-tracked vaccine.

Vitamins and other successful treatments are a threat to our government.  

Admitting something they don’t own works stops their cash cows of Remdesivir and their COVID vaccine:

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