Is Fauci Killing Americans? Dallas Doctor Asks Senate: Why No “Official Treatment Protocol” for COVID?

Is Fauci Killing Americans? Dallas Doctor Asks Senate: Why No “Official Treatment Protocol” for COVID?
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“Something has gone off the rails in the world” with the treating of COVID-19. For one thing, despite our being more than a year into the pandemic, there’s still no “official treatment protocol” for the virus. This is a failure of the health establishment — and one that’s costing thousands of lives.

So laments Dr. Peter McCullough, vice chief of internal medicine at Baylor University Medical Center (BUMC), chief of cardiovascular research of the Baylor Heart and Vascular Institute, and program director of the cardiovascular disease fellowship program at BUMC.  (Go to link for article)



*Update* A bill has been introduced in the House to #FireFauci.

“Few People Have Earned Their Termination More Visibly”

The article points out that Dr. McCullough is an internist with the same qualification as Dr. Fauci, but who actually treats patients.

When McCullough spoke with his Italian colleagues about COVID they told him:

“‘this [COVID-19] is like a cold, except, the immune system goes crazy in the middle part of it, and then there’s blood clotting and thrombosis.’ …That’s what kills you.”

“‘So we take an edge off the viral replication early,’” the doctor continued, quoting the Italians on their treatment efforts. “‘We treat the immune system ‘dis-regulation,’ and then we manage the blood clotting, [and] we can get people through the illness’” (video below).

The article exemplifies the fact most doctors/hospitals ‘toe the line’ and are unlikely to use “unofficial” treatments out of fear.  This is also a great example and clearly evident in the world of Lyme disease.  Doctors that treat outside the CDC’s unscientific and antiquated “guidelines” that rule like the iron curtain, are hunted down by State Medical Boards and persecuted.  This form of bullying sends a loud and clear message to all other doctors: “follow the narrative, do what you are told, or you’re next.”

What is truly bizarre (but not, when you understand the corrupt CDC and their MO) is the fact this organization would rather see people die than give them appropriate treatment.

This is also clearly seen in the world of Lyme. Despite a plethora of research showing Lyme and most of the other infections ticks transmit are persistent, relapsing, and are not completely eradicated with treatment, our public health ‘authorities’ just simply deny it, hold their ground, and repeat the mantra that Lyme is hard to get and easy to treat.

The article told the story of an elderly friend with COVID who was given no treatment and then died.  This is presently happening all over the world.

But, I have personally learned an unbelievable story:

An elderly man from Wisconsin called the ER due to health spiraling down due to a suspected COVID infection.  They showed up at his house donned in hazmat suits, declared they wouldn’t touch him and informed him he would need to get himself upon the gurney.  From there he was taken to the local hospital where again, he was treated like a leper, and nobody would touch him.  They called Medflight and took him to a larger hospital where the only treatment that was offered was the ventilator, which thankfully was refused as the elderly gentleman understood that the ventilator has killed many patients early on in the ‘pandemic.’  The doctor simply looked down at him and announced he’d be dead in 5 days.

I tell you this story because this is needless neglect/slaughter when effective treatments are available but highly censored and kept from the public – including doctors.  

I’m happy to report that this elderly Wisconsinite is quite alive and defied them all, despite their refusal to treat him.

The article discusses Dr. McCullough’s Texas Senate testimony and the fact 85% of COVID patients given a multi-drug treatment recovered from it and developed complete natural immunity.  Further, he states that thousands could be saved if this suppressed treatment was freely given (which could also be said of Lyme/MSIDS).

Sadly, McCullough cannot get papers published on this treatment as all information is scrubbed and sanitized to fit the accepted narrative (and is also experienced in Lyme-land).

McCullough states Fauci is “the greatest mass killer of our generation.”  

But the bought-out media feeds the public a continual narrative of how great Fauci is, despite the fact the creator of the PCR, Kary Mullis, called him a liar and an ass_ _ _ _, and many others have pointed out his severe conflicts of interest and sordid history as mafia overlord of NIAID for 7 presidencies.

For more on effective COVID treatments:

If you you suspect you are infected with COVID but live in an area where doctors are kowtowing the accepted narrative and refuse to treat you, go here:

It’s unconscionable people have to do this but completely understood in Lyme Land where you must often travel great distances to get to a Lyme literate doctor experienced in treating tick-borne illness.

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