Testing and “vaccination” have inherent risks.  These medical interventions have maimed and killed people outright.  It is widely known certain high risk individuals should forego “vaccination” altogether and depending upon the test and risks, testing as well, particularly when you understand COVID testing is a complete and utter farce.  Vaccinating pregnant women should be a crime against humanity.

There is a growing concern over forced/mandatory testing and “vaccines,” and rightly so.  Some employers are mandating the COVID experimental, fast-tracked injections for employment.  These injections aren’t vaccines at all due to their inability to stop viral transmission or infection.  Here is an ongoing list of severe adverse reactions and deaths due to these injections.

There’s also the issue that the mortality rate of COVID-19 is nearly the same as any year due to the flu.  Then there’s the issue that even if you do contract it, you have over a 99% chance of survival – meaning it isn’t very deadly, and certainly doesn’t warrant the present hysteria and tyranny. Lastly there’s the issue of effective and inexpensive treatments for it.  

Therefore: NO “VACCINE” IS NEEDED.  


But of course all these effective treatments as well as the health professionals speaking out about them are being tyrannically censored so the public remains in the dark, is fearful, and believes the only answer is taking their lucrative, albeit dangerous injections.

Lyme/MSIDS patients (and there’s a lot of us) are at high risk for adverse effects due to having an imbalanced immune system that is already keyed up fighting infections.  There is also evidence that “vaccines” can reactivate latent infections, so those who finally have achieved their health back could have a reactivation of symptoms after a “vaccine” – necessitating treatment which is already hard to come by – not to mention expensive.  Vaccines are also often contaminated  with retroviruses, viruses, cancer, and are filled with dangerous adjuvants and toxins which could be contributing to Autism and other illnesses.  Then there’s the moral and medical issues of using fetal cell lines in “vaccines”. In one such trial using fetal cell lines, 81% of the 108 participants suffered at least one adverse reaction within seven days after “vaccination”.  And to top the cake, our public ‘authorities’ own patents on vaccines – and make money off them.  

Are these people to be trusted for advice?

With all of this in mind, please watch this brief 12 minute video:  https://needtoknow.news/2020/04/mandated-vaccinations-what-you-will-need-to-say-no/

Jerry Day has created a notice-of-liability to give to anyone who tries to force vaccines on you. Even though they may refuse to sign, it shows they have been informed that vaccines can cause damage. He offers a second document that lists the reasons individuals have the right to reject vaccines. He says the documents act as an insurance policy if anything goes wrong with a forced vaccine, because it is proof of your objection to the vaccination and, thereby, makes the administrators of the vaccine personally subject to penalty and prosecution. In other words:

If you do not object and make your position clear, you may be presumed to agree with unconstitutional laws and harmful public policy.
  • NoConsentForMedicalTesting
  • RefusalOfVaccination3
  • EmployerCoercion  Some employers seem to have the foolish, ignorant and unlawful notion that they have privilege to force vaccination as a condition of employment. This is not only wrong, it is extremely unfair and difficult for employees who wish to protect their health and safety and control their own medical options. Employers who attempt to require medical treatments for their employees should receive a stern demand to cease with notice of major consequences if they fail to do so.  The download template in the link is such a document/notice. It can be very powerful to share this form with fellow employees so that the employer will face major disruption if medical rights are not observed.
This site does not contain professional advice, only layman opinion. If you are being coerced to receive medical treatments it may be wise to seek legal counsel and take legal actions to protect your health, safety and rights.

Also make sure to print out and send this Vaccine Injury Table to your employer and political representatives.  Many falsely believe “vaccines” are safe and effective, when they have caused severe injury and death and the current COVID-19 injections don’t stop you from becoming ill and many contract COVID-19 after receiving all the shots.

Lastly, many are coming out stating the COVID-19 and the injections are bioweapons, which turn your body into a “spike protein” manufacturing facility which may never shut off.  Doctors are reporting that those getting the injections are now making those around them ill.  If you scroll to 45:00 in the bioweapon link, you can hear Dr. Tenpenny discuss possible mechanisms for why this is happening.  It’s not “shedding” per say, but a transmission due to adenoviruses within the shots being released through breath, and other forms of excretion from those who got injected to those around them causing innocent bystanders to become ill. 

In this MSN hit-piece it is revealed that a private school recently issued a letter stating, ‘vaccinated’ adults:

“may be transmitting something from their bodies” that could be impacting the “reproductive systems, fertility, and normal growth and development in women and children.”  

To the denialists, please see this article  which states the Pfizer mRNA vaccine clinical trial study design WARNS against proximity (shared air inhalation or skin contact) between vaccine participants and the “unvaccinated” as a possible vector of HARM.

The article also states there is a plausible epigenetic molecular mechanism in Biology where the “vaccinated” may affect the health status of the unvaccinated.

The MSM hit-piece brings in all sorts of irrelevant material designed to infuriate the reader with politics, but the fact remains, people around those getting these injections are being impacted in negative ways.  We were warned by a GSK whistleblower early on that these injections cause sterility, and these injections are leaving a trail of devastated mothers.  I’ve also heard reports that doctors who have pregnant patients are warning that those receiving the COVID-19 injections can no longer come to their office due to negative reactions in pregnant women.

Prudence should always err on the side of caution but MSM, our public ‘authorities’, and injection manufacturers are rolling full-steam ahead in spite of case after case of negative outcomes – and much that remains in the dark.

While much remains unknown, the cases of severe reactions and deaths continue to mount.  “Authorities” continue to deny any relationship between these injections and the negative experienced reactions which are occurring daily.

Please share widely.

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