Correlation Coefficient COVID deaths & QIVc Flu Shots


By PAUL MUADDIB,  journalist, investigator and QAnon with a focus on uncovering the truth.

The correlation between COVID-19 deaths per million of population and 65+ year olds that have received influenza vaccines is real. Dr. Allan S. Cunningham presented the challenge and here are the results.

One source for vaccine data: OECD (2020), Influenza vaccination rates (indicator) doi:10.1787/e452582-e (Accessed on 21 May 2020). This lists, by country, the % of the population aged 65+ for 2018 or the latest available year. For Covid-19 death rates by country as of 21 May 2020:

Czech Republic 20.3/28 Lithuania 13.4/22
Denmark 52.0/97 Luxembourg 37.6/174
Estonia 4.8/48 Netherlands 64.0/337
Finland 48.4/55 Norway 34.4/43
France 49.7/431 Portugal 60.8/125
Germany 34.8/99 Slovak Republic 13.0/5
Hungary 26.8/49 Slovenia 11.8/51
Ireland 57.6/319 Spain 53.7/596
Italy 52.7/535 Sweden 49.4/384
Latvia 7.7/12 United Kingdom 72.6/531

The x and y values shown above were used to determine the Correlation Coefficient (link for calculator below) between the two.

(Please see link for article)



The Italian government passed a mandatory vaccination law in 2013. The vaccines are free to anyone over the age of 65, yet please read this:

“Vaccination is recommended and free of charge for all people aged 65 and over, regardless of the presence of particular risk situations

This clearly demonstrates the end-all of mandatory vaccinations.  Eventually it won’t matter if you have health issues or are extremely ill.  They will mandate them for all. Period.

‘Authorities’ have a problem here.  On one hand they are all deeply vested in vaccine manufacturing.  On the other hand, it’s already been shown that the flu vaccine increases COVID-19 infection by 36%:

Now, it’s being shown that there’s a very strong correlation between the flu shot and COVID deaths in those 65 years of age and older.  

Will these ‘authorities’ alter their vaccine stance one iota?  Not in a million years – it’s their meal ticket.   Will they slow down their push for an experimental COVID vaccine?  Nope.  They are quite happy to fast-track a DNA vaccine which has never before been used on humans:


The World Health Organization (WHO) acknowledges there are gaps in scientific knowledge about DNA vaccines and states:22

Many aspects of the immune response generated by DNA vaccines are not understood. However, this has not impeded significant progress towards the use of this type of vaccine in humans, and clinical trials have begun.

Some of the outstanding questions about DNA vaccine safety include:23

  • chronic inflammation because the vaccine continually stimulates the immune system to produce antibodies;
  • possible integration of plasmid DNA into the body’s host genome resulting in mutations;
  • problems with DNA replication;
  • triggering of autoimmune responses, and
  • activation of cancer-causing genes

This should be of concern to everyone, but particularly by Lyme/MSIDS patients and those struggling with their health due to the potential autoimmune and cancer issues, as well as chronic inflammation, as we suffer with enough of that.

It’s highly likely this vaccine will put people over the edge from which they may never recover their health.
But it’s for the greater good, so it’s worth it, right?

Not from where I sit.




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