By Alicia Cashman, MS, Lyme patient and advocate

July 30, 2020

Recently I read an astute article by the Children’s Defense Fund which brought up many important points about COVID and children attending school in the fall. The following statement was given and should set off alarm bells with Lyme/MSIDS patients and for those of you familiar with the Lyme debacle due to its familiarity:

These new and unnecessary guidelines were instituted by the CDC in private, and without open discussion among qualified professionals that are free from conflicts of interest.

If I say the words, “CDC Lyme Guidelines,” every single Lyme/MSIDS patient will wince. 

That’s because these politically self-serving mandates, not guidelines, have been used for over 40 years keeping patients from diagnosis and proper treatment. And these mandates are still being used against patients.

The same CDC which is creating new COVID guidelines behind closed-doors did the same thing for Lyme disease.

In this historical piece, Pam Weintraub outlines the chronology of all the behind closed door shenanigans:

Unlike the of loose parameters to be labeled COVID, Lyme disease has very strict CDC standards that hardly any patients meet.

The article points out a travesty that occurred at a Dearborn, Michigan conference that changed testing criteria by eliminating two borrelia proteins specific to Lyme disease which essentially resulted in many of the sickest patients no longer meeting the CDC’s already strict and arbitrary standard. The reason for this was these proteins interfered with the lucrative Lyme vaccine they were working on.

Important quote:

The CDC said the standard was not to be used for diagnosis,” said Nick Harris, president of IgeneX, a California reference laboratory that tests for vector-borne diseases, “but they did not seem to realize how difficult they were making that choice for local physicians, who look to CDC definitions for guidance and take test results at face value – positive or negative – without reading between the lines. Without OspA or OspB to serve as markers, many of the sickest patients no longer met any diagnostic standard,” Harris says. “By excluding these patients from diagnosis, we excluded them from treatment as well.”

Other correlations between the handling of the two diseases is the hurried push for a vaccine and conflicts of interest.

Regarding the Lyme vaccine, researchers were pressured to quickly complete clinical trials so the vaccine could become approved.  Many were damaged by this vaccine:

It seems history is repeating itself with a pushed COVID vaccine:  What is the likelihood there will be vaccine damage due to an experimental DNA vaccine never used before in humans which is known to induce chronic inflammation, gene mutations, DNA replication issues, autoimmune responses and activation of cancer-causing genes that is skipping important animal safety studies?

The handwriting is on the wall for anyone looking.

Regarding conflicts of interest, we learn from Weintraub that nine voting consultants on the Dearborn panel hired by the CDC had multiple patents and authorship in studies used to create the Lyme disease case definition: ConflictReport

Interestingly, we see this same thing with COVID:

For a painful refresher of the CDC Lyme Disease treatment guidelines:  (Hint: it’s a measly 21 day course of the mono-therapy of doxycycline, despite the fact nearly every antibiotic study done to date shows relapses after treatment)

Standing in opposition to the CDC mandates is ILADS, a group of physicians who read and understand worldwide research which clearly shows prolonged illness and infection in many patients:

Similarly to doctors standing up to the CDC’s narrative on COVID-19 who are being maligned and censored, doctors who oppose the CDC narrative on tick-borne illness are also censored, maligned, and discredited:  


Compare and contrast this censorship with the treatment of those who treat Lyme/MSIDS:


For more:





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