May 15, 2020

Dear Wisconsin Representatives,

First of all, thank you to those who fought for freedom and rescinded Governor Ever’s “Safer at Home Order.” This is not about politics. This is about Civil Liberties and everyone on both sides of the isle should be in agreement that forcing healthy people to quarantine is not normal or healthy. Quarantining the sick makes scientific sense and has historical precedent.

In my last letter I explained how COVID-19 has yet to be isolated and proven solely to cause illness – making all testing inaccurate. This was hilariously proven by the President of Tanzania (PhD Chemistry) who labeled samples from goats, fruit, and motor oil with human names and sent them to the WHO for COVID-19 testing. Half came back positive!

In this astutely written historical piece, the creator of the PCR test states it was never intended to diagnose patients. Another bio-chemist and protease developer states: “I’m skeptical that a PCR test is ever true.” When asked his advice for people wanting to be tested for COVID-19, he answered, “Don’t Do it, No Healthy person should be tested. It means nothing but it can destroy your life, make you absolutely miserable.”

Testing for COVID-19 has false positives, false negatives, and even people going from one to the other within days.  It’s a complete joke – similar to Lyme/MSIDS testing.

If Governor Evers is relying upon testing to make any decisions – he’s woefully uninformed.
Recently a few things have come to light that show what this is really about.
  • House Resolution 6666 a TRACE funded program, due to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, gives government officials and approved entities including foreign governments the right to obtain private health information without the knowledge or consent of the individual. Our inalienable rights are not protected and there’s no specified end date. 
  • Project Jumpstart, Rapid USA, and Operation Warp Speed further this huge government overreach by “bagging and tagging” all Americans and then monitoring them.
  • The Rockefeller Foundation’s April 2020 white paper lays out the plan to test, track, and trace all Americans, and is clearly intended to be permanent surveillance and social control.  Investigative journalist Harry Vox warns us in 2014, and backs up his claims by reading from The Rockeller Foundation’s “Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development” report.
  • And now we learn that the FBI can look at our web browsing history without a warrant allowing law enforcement to easily crack down on activists, labor organizers, or anyone else the government deems a threat.
Authorities want to test everyone (even though it’s been proven to be faulty). 
Authorities want to vaccinate everyone (even though researchers and the FDA are worried about safety)

Researchers warn that previous upper respiratory vaccines caused severe side-effects and even death. They caused “paradoxical immune enhancement issues” and the FDA warns there’s potential risks due to oncogenicity and infectivity, chronic inflammation, problems with DNA mutation and replication, autoimmune responses and cancer-causing genes. Many of these vaccines are made with PER C6 Ad5 technology which utilizes aborted fetal cell lines.

On top of all the safety concerns, Dr. Fauci states they may not work at all and in fact may make people sicker.

Authorities want to monitor everyone (even though this is completely unconstitutional).

‘Contact tracers’ besides making a hefty paycheck, are given unrestrained power to punish “violators” with civil and criminal penalties based upon a useless test.

The Bill of Rights Cannot be Suspended during a “Public Health Crisis.”

In The United States Statement of Interest in Support of Plaintiffs, filed by the Department of Justice (DOJ) in a case last month in which church goers attending a drive-in sermon were issued citations for violating an executive order in Mississippi, the DOJ stated:

“There is no pandemic exception, however, to the fundamental liberties the Constitution safeguards. Indeed, “individual rights secured by the Constitution do not disappear during a public health crisis.” In re Abbott, — F.3d —, 2020 WL 1685929, at *6 (5th Cir. Apr. 7, 2020). These individual rights, including the protections in the Bill of Rights made applicable to the states through the Fourteenth Amendment, are always in force and restrain government action.”

Social Distancing and mask wearing is Pseudoscience.
  • It was recently reported in NY that 66% of new hospitalizationshave been among those sheltering at home, and social distancing increases deaths. According to Dr. Kettner, former Medical Director of the International Centre for Infectious Diseases, the CDC imposed social distancing came from a couple of weak reviews.
  • Face Masks are immunosuppressive, ineffective against viruses and cloth masks are breeding grounds for them.  In the case of COVID-19 they are actually harmful due to hypoxia. Masks cause you to rebreathe exhaled air, lowering oxygen levels.

Looking forward, the National Health Freedom Association recommends adopting language ensuring freedom for all.  Protections must be put in place now to safeguard that this never happens again.

Lastly, these “authorities” Governor Evers is utilizing to make decisions are riddled with conflicts of interest, fraud, and collusion. 

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