– April 13, 2020

While presumed experts in Washington look for data that will justify reopening the economy, the third branch of government, the judiciary, has hardly been mentioned in the crisis to date but could play a key role in breaking any political stalemate. So my spirits soared when I saw a partial headline reading “Coronavirus: Battle Breaks Out As Beach Visits Allowed …” But then I clicked and saw the rest of the headline: “in Northern Germany.” (See link for article)



Great article that reminds me of the lawsuit against the IDSA for collusion by Lyme patients which has resulted in many insurance companies settling:

There’s plenty of collusion & fraud with COVID-19 as well.

Best quote:

Whatever the causes of this uncharacteristic bit of non-litigiousness, Americans should know that ample legal precedents suggest that most shelter in place orders are unlawful and unconstitutional.

When doctor organizations offer doctors financial kickbackswe know a line has been crossed:

For an interesting history lesson from a Haitian on how governments have used natural disasters and national crisis to gain control:

The CDC’s fraudulent behavior reads like a rap sheet:  Lyme advocate Carl Tuttle lists CDC crimes and Frieden’s involvement.  Interestingly, Frieden’s back!  He’s advocating ‘contact tracing’ or door to door infringement on your civil liberties:  There’s an 8 minute video of Frieden if you can stomach it. Please see links after comment section for more examples  Fauci’s many infractions and patents.  More damning evidence against Fauci, Birx, Redfield, and Gallo.

We need to insist that measures are put in place insuring our consitutional rights so that they are never usurped like this ever again.