The following video created by a Canadian does an excellent job of editing multiple videos together showing the big picture of what’s going on with COVID-19. After the article I show Fauci’s patents – which are numerous and include patents regarding OspA – which should perk up ears of Lyme/MSIDS patients. Nearly every Lyme vaccine to come out revolves around OspA (outer surface protein A).

Dr. Tam is a Canadian physician who is also Chief Public Health Officer of Canada and head of the Public Health Agency of Canada. For a good read on her:

Approx. 55 Min.

Time to Fire Dr. Fauci and Dr. Tam

April 21, 2020

Here is my latest video on the uncovering of millions of $$ sent to the Wuhan lab under the control of Dr. Fauci and in Canada, Trudeau sent hundreds of thousands of $$ which helped create the crisis we are facing. Dr. Tam continues to mishandle the situation as she places her loyalty to the World Health Organization over the citizens of Canada. Where does her loyalty lie? It’s time to fire Dr. Fauci … and … Dr. Theresa Tam.
Dr. Fauci doesn’t need to only be fired.  He needs to be held accountable for his crimes and put in jail.

Recently I posted another fantastic Canadian article which discussed Event 201, a global pandemic exercise simulation of a factitious new coronavirus sponsored by Bill and Melinda Gates, World Economic Forum and the Center for Health Security at Johns Hopkins. They discussed what to do about “misinformation” on the internet.


Hasti Taghi chief of staff capacity at NBC Universal, noted that the anti-vaccine movement was very strong due to social media and therefore, they need to disseminate “the right information….to ensure the public has trust in the vaccines that we’re creating” against COVID-19. Harrington agreed stating this recent strong resistance was a “beta” test for dealing with resistance to COVID-19 vaccines. Also in attendance at Event 201 was Avril Haines, past assistant to the president and Principal Deputy National Security Adviser for the Obama administration, Deputy Director of CIA, Legal Advisor to National Security Council, who suggested daily briefings would work better than trying to control information to “flood the zone” from “trusted sources”at every level by community and faith based leaders and health care officials. Harrington agreed and added the need to educate trusted local leaders in advance of a pandemic to ensure readiness.

Four months after Event 201 COVID-19 information started flowing simultaneously from the media showing COVID-19 to be the most serious threat to humanity.

For more:


Fauci, Birx and Redfield, all incestuously complicit in the HIV/AIDS frauds and malpractice, today hold the future of not only American public health, but also of the entire world economy in their hands. Not a good situation. As their work on the proved HIV=IDS fraud shows, the coronavirus tests do not at all prove presence of a deadly virus in any patient. If this is so, it is perhaps the greatest criminal fraud in medical history.

This is not a conspiracy theory. It’s a conspiracy.  Period.


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