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Dr. Rashid A. Buttar

House Resolution 6666

TraceAct (Testing, Reaching, Contacting everyone)

Sponsor: Rep. Rush, Bobby L. [D-IL-1] (Introduced 05/01/2020)
Committees: House – Energy and Commerce
Latest Action: House – 05/01/2020 Referred to the House Committee on Energy and Commerce.  (All Actions)

Resolution found here:

This resolution, if passed, would allow authorities to come into your home.

Dr. Buttar in the top link talks about testing.  Please see the following on the complete and utter inaccuracy of COVID-19 testing:  I include links on the creator of the PCR stating it was never designed to diagnose as well as other authorities calling antibody testing invalid without the exact singularly purified and isolated virus. 

This bill authorizes the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to award grants ($100 Billion) for testing, contact tracing, monitoring, and other activities to address COVID-19 (i.e., coronavirus disease 2019). Entities such as federally qualified health centers, nonprofit organizations, and certain hospitals and schools are eligible to receive such grants. In awarding the grants, the CDC shall prioritize applicants that (1) operate in hot spots and medically underserved communities, and (2) agree to hire individuals from the communities where grant activities occur.

HR 666 could lead to family separations—as promoted by the World Health Organization, and the threat of child separation is not far-fetched—an ad on a Washington State job board suggests that child separation for quarantine is already in the works:

This bill is in the first stage of the legislative process. It will typically be considered by committee next before it is possibly sent on to the House or Senate as a whole.  The following statement was given:

No provision in this bill would make testing or quarantining mandatory. The bill includes privacy protections for the medical information of individuals that would limit how grantee organizations could share information collected with the federal government. (A large-scale disinformation campaign has made absurd claims about this bill.)

Sponsor’s statement:

Just remember, while they state a disinformation campaign has made absurd claims, authorities have repeatedly lied to us. The conflicts of interest never end and America is in lock-down over a virus.  Just remember that once a ball has been rolled down a hill, it’s nearly impossible to push it back up. Stop this resolution in its tracks.  They haven’t even isolated this so called virus or created an accurate test or found appropriate treatment.  

Please contact your representatives about this resolution which undermines our freedoms.

Don’t be fooled. This is a bill that holds a large carrot out in terms of monies for grants ($100 Billion!), but padded in between the dollars is huge government overreach in that contact tracing and monitoring are just words for invasive surveillance.  Kind of like a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.

For more on contact tracing:

Frieden states ‘contact tracing’ is an art and a science. This is code for it is subjective, which means what seems right to authorities may not seem right to Americans – i.e. freedom vs authoritative health mandates. Starting at about 4:30 he talks about “old fashioned, shoe leather epidemiology’ or going door to door (social workers, returning peace corp workers, basically anyone who doesn’t mind encroaching on other peoples’ liberties and turning them into authorities).  He talks about trust.  Ironic considering he was arrested and plead guilty to forcibly touching a woman.
Here, the WHO states authorities may have to enter homes and remove family members:

Various petitions against HR 6666:


    NHFA recommends that states adopt the following language.


    Subdivision 1. Refusal of treatment. Notwithstanding laws, rules, or orders made or promulgated in response to an emergency, including but not limited to a national security emergency, state-wide emergency, health emergency, or any peacetime emergency, individuals have a fundamental right to refuse medical treatment or procedures, testing, physical or mental examination, vaccination, participation in experimental procedures and protocols, collection of specimens, and preventive treatments or programs, including but not limited to vaccines, tracing and tracking programs.  An individual who has been directed or ordered by a government or its designees, or a public or private business or entity, including but not limited to a commissioner of health or its designee to submit to a directive or order of that nature may choose to decline to comply, respond to, or participate with said directive or order.  For purposes of Subd. 1, 2, and 3, “individual” and “person” includes adults and minor children.

    Subdivision 2.  Persons Needing Care.  A person who is infected with or reasonably believed to be infected with or exposed to a toxic agent that can be transferred to another individual or a communicable disease, and the agent or communicable disease is the basis on which the emergency has been declared, and who refuses to submit to a directive or order, may be ordered by the government or its designees to abide by quarantine according to parameters set forth in sections  xxxxxxx [insert citation to your state’s quarantine law].  Said quarantine must be of the least restrictive means possible, and include due process, and be protective of the right of the individual to remain in their home, live with consenting family members or friends and significant others at all times, and utilize the treatments of their choice for their recovery.  Quaratine may not take away or alter the legal or medical custody of a person who is under a parent or legal guardian. A minor child may not be forcibly removed from their parent or home.  A person in quarantine has the right to have a consenting person of their choice with them and attending their needs at all times.  A person in quarantine and the consenting persons living with them, have the right to remain in their home as is, without further requirements by government such as additional bathrooms.

    Subd. 3. Information given. Before a health care provider performs treatment, testing, physical or mental examination, vaccination, participation in experimental procedures and protocols, collection of specimens, or preventive treatments or programs including but not limited to vaccines, tracing and tracking programs, on or for an individual during a declared emergency, a health care provider shall notify the individual in writing and by reading the above Subd.1 and Subd. 2 to the person or the person’s parent or legal guardian, of the right to refuse the services and the consequences of declining, including rights and conditions of quarantine, upon refusal.  The health care provider shall also obtain a signature of acknowledgement of receipt of notification of a person who declines.

    We are happy to support your efforts in can any way that we can.   Click Here for our advocacy e-learning booklet to get started.  If you have a committed group of individuals wanting to change the laws in your state to protect your rights to health freedom please reach out to us via email to set up an exploratory conversation.

    Minnesota passed a law in 2002 that protects the right of citizens to decline treatments in the event of a health emergency.  You can do it in your state too!!!

    California Health Coalition Advocacy has drafted a Resolution that they are promoting to their legislators that alerts legislators about the right to refuse vaccines and the underlying international liberty and bodily autonomy principles including, in part,:

    “…WHEREAS,  the ethical principle of informed consent to medical treatment is recognized internationally under The World Medical Association (WMA) Declaration on the Rights of the Patient, WMA Medical Ethics Manual, WMA Declaration of Helsinki of 1964, The United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) of 1948, and the Nuremberg Code (1947) as a human right requiring the voluntary consent by individuals and parents or guardians of minor children prior to medical treatment; …”

    Broad laws exist in many states that give federal and state government expansive powers in the case of a health emergency or bioterrorism emergency.  Don’t let those laws take away your freedoms now.  Make your laws look like what you want America to look like!  Change your laws if it is needed!

    [i] Audio of Monica Miller, 1998, archived hard copy by National Health Freedom Coalition, accessible 2018.

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