Mastering Ozone Workshop

The next hands on mastering ozone workshop will be Sept 20-21, 2019 and will be taught by Dr. Rowan.

Details here: Announcement Class 9-19

The weekend is a practical demonstration teaching hyperbaric ozone and 10 pass. For local injections, there will be a demo epidural, superior hip approaches, prostate, female (if available) and all local joints. You will be introduced to kinesiology, a must to locate dental disturbances which might foul results.

For John Trowbridge’s remarks on the workshop:

All trainees get to be listed on Dr. Rowan’s website, a site that gets a lot of traffic of patients looking for ozone therapy. Many attendees state that they get an average of one patient a week from the listing.


I post this information as I feel ozone to be a great tool in a practitioner’s tool-box. As with all other modalities, I do not believe it to be curative. Despite what practitioners state, a “tune-up” with ozone is continued treatment, therefore, not curative. There are numerous techniques including blood ozone, where ozone is put directly into the blood, as well as by injection and in combination with prolotherapy for pain. Some drink ozonated water, and there are ozone saunas. You can also use ozone rectally and vaginally and in the ear. There is also topical ozone in ozonated olive oil. Go here for a video about how I used it (warning: gross pictures):

BTW: I own an ozone machine and have used it rectally/vaginally daily – sometimes numerous times a day. I never herxed and I never noticed a change.

My biologic dentist uses ozone in all her surgeries and my husband has had the prolozone for pain due to Lyme disease with very good results. We have both utilized single-pass blood ozone under UV light weekly for 2.5 months. Again, we never herxed or had noticeable improvement. I do believe ozone is dose dependent and we probably needed it stronger.

Dr. Rowan teaches these techniques in his workshops as well as 10-pass and EBOO (dialysis-type blood ozone which is a continuous circuit). Many patients have felt relief nearly instantly, and it works against viruses as well as bacteria. The EBOO type is particularly strong but costs $900-$1,000 for ONE treatment, and you need to go to the doctor’s office to have it done, so you can see the impracticality of it for many patients as a singular treatment for Lyme/MSIDS. It may be something you save up for and do a stint of with the goal of hitting any potential viruses and cleaning up the blood as well as getting more oxygen into the body which has a lot of health benefits.

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For a different take & experience of a few Lyme patients:



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