TWITTER FILES: Internal Company Emails Expose Why Privileged Reporters Likely Hate Elon Musk and Twitter 2.0

Musk denied special access to Twitter’s “trusted reporters,” and allowed outside journalists entrée for a more independent examination

MAY 17, 2023

Shortly after Elon Musk purchased Twitter last October, his image plummeted among a certain set of tech and “disinformation” reporters. Feted months prior as Time Magazine’s 2021 person of the year, reporters pivoted after Musk bought the social media company and began promoting his alleged ties to Nazis, antisemitism, QAnon, Putin, Hitler, transphobia, and … well, you get the picture.

But what could have caused such whiplash among the journalist tribe?

During my trip to Twitter’s headquarters, I stumbled across several Twitter Files—internal company documents made public by CEO Musk—that shed light on this matter. For years, Twitter executives provided favored access to a pack of select technology and “disinformation” reporters, giving them insider entrée to new products, responding quickly to their reporting needs to identify and suspend “disinformation” accounts—even helping one Washington Post reporter shut down an account that delved into her background as a wealthy child of privilege who attacked conservatives. In another example, CNN reporters requested that Twitter alter their algorithm to create a “read only mode” to guard them from criticism.

By changing Twitter’s culture and firing the majority of employees, Musk severed these ties between Twitter executives and privileged journalists—relationships that were so close one executive referred to some journalists as “our reporters.” Reporters who were close to Twitter, returned the favor to company executives by giving them positive press—even helping the company deal with lawmakers by relaying drafts of pending bills and providing advice on product development.

“Our DC-based tech reporters have gotten advance copies of at least five draft House bills that may get introduced today or early next week that would make changes to federal law and give more power to regulators,” wrote one Twitter executive in a June 2021 email. “This is in line with what we’re hearing about the Biden administration’s priorities to address antitrust concerns.”  (See link for article)



Read article to learn of Twitter’s relationship with multiple journalists who work in the “disinformation” space, who have now predictably become Musk and Twitter’s greatest critics after Musk allowed independent reporters access to Twitter’s internal documents.  Thacker points out that for every working journalist today, 6.2 public affairs operatives work to shape the news, and over half of Americans now believe that news organizations try to mislead them.

Read the following links on how the Twitter files are exposing the government weaponizing private companies, tax-payer-funded non-governmental organizations and commercial news media that target social media accounts disseminating content that runs counter to the accepted narrative.

Twitter Files journalist Matt Taibbi received an unannounced visit at his home by an IRS agent right before he testified before Congress in what appears to be an attempt to intimidate a witness before Congress.  In similar fashion, suspended FBI agent whistleblower Garret O’Boyle just delivered a chilling testimony on how the FBI and the government are retaliating against whistleblowers.


http://  (Approx. 12 Min)

The Grayzone: Pro-War Trans-Atlantic Elites Meet in Secrecy for Bilderberg 2023

The Grayzone’s Max Blumenthal and Aaron Mate discuss the 2023 meeting of the Bilderberg Group, and name the trans-Atlantic elites who gathered in Portugal for a secretive discussion of issues from Ukraine to China to the future of AI.

The SECRET globalist meeting…

Bilderberg 2023 is underway, and you never heard about it.

MAY 19, 2023

Bilderberg meeting – AI generated image

You have probably heard about the World Economic Forum. It is a place where global elites gather to discuss agendas and so on. But the thing is, most people know about the World Economic Forum. Their yearly meeting is not exactly a secret.

But there is another globalist meeting where the world’s elite gather to mingle and plan the agenda. The thing is, this one is shrouded in much more secrecy. So much, that there is probably a good chance that you didn’t even know it is happening – RIGHT NOW in Lisbon.

Yes, right now, the world’s elites, including the boss at Pfizer, Microsoft, leading politicians, leading businessmen, banks and of course journalists are all meeting behind CLOSED DOORS.

What are they talking about? What is Big Pharma, Big Banks, Big Tech, leading politicians, journalists and more talking about? We have no idea. The media isn’t allowed there (except as invited guests, not to report of course).

You read that correctly. The media is in fact there. Top people from The Economist, Bloomberg, The Financial Times and more papers are there. But not to report on it. No, they are there to TAKE PART in the secret meeting plotting how to control your lives.  (See link for article)


And hopefully by now you understand why I put these two seemingly unrelated topics together.
Go here for a complete list of those attending along with the people and organizations behind COVID.

http:// Approx. 5 Min

Who Are Going to be the Arbiters of Truth?

May 17, 2023

Dr. Byram Bridle points out that everyone attempting to give primary data will be accused of disseminating “disinformation.”  Those doing the accusing never present primary data to prove them wrong. He states that the press is needed to properly give primary data from scientists and that right now there are talks in virtually every country in the world to criminalize “misinformation.”  This means fining and firing scientists and physicians – something that has been going on in Lymeland for 40 years.  He also warns that the mRNA gene therapy injections that have been deployed are “just the tip of the iceberg,” and that the same companies are developing injections for other diseases as well as for veterinary use.  mRNA has gotten into human breast milk they have found calcified placentas full of spike protein and inflammation in virtually every organ and tissue and there is no reason to believe it won’t get into the milk, meat, and eggs from animal consumption.

Bridle has given other unpopular talks before.

Please learn what the mRNA platform is and what it does.

For more: 

All of this is imperative to understand because everything by mainstream media being read by the public, as well as health care professionals, has been affected by this corruption.  By taking away dissenting voices and open debate, ‘the powers that be’ are effectively controlling the information in the public space, which means people are not being properly informed.

You can not make informed consent when you are not being informed.
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