Sarah Cormode joins host David Webb on Explore Magazine’s Live the Adventure Podcast

Sarah and David want listeners to continue exploring in nature and stay safe in the outdoors.
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Sarah Cormode, host of the Looking at Lyme podcast, speaks to outdoor enthusiasts across the country in this Explore podcast with host David Webb. Sarah’s interests in education and awareness shine through as she talks about the Looking at Lyme podcast, and how to avoid tick bites and Lyme disease while enjoying the outdoors. Sarah and David want listeners to continue exploring in nature and stay safe in the outdoors!

Ticks. Lyme disease. Pathogens.

Are you scared yet?

Well, you don’t need to be. Even active outdoor enthusiasts like us only need to be educated and aware—then we can stay tick safe!

Today’s conversation is with Sarah Cormode, from the Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation. Sarah is a podcaster and has had the opportunity to speak with dozens of experts in the field of medicine and outdoor safety and education.

So let’s talk ticks with Sarah Cormode!

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