Why Legislators Should Reject the WHO’s Proposals for Pandemics

Democracies and sane societies are built on rationalism and honesty. They may not always exhibit this, but these values must underpin major decisions. Without them, neither democracy nor justice are sustainable. They are replaced by a structure in which the few dictate to the many, and the excesses of feudalism, slavery or fascism rise to dominance. This is why so many fought so hard, for so long, in defense of these ideals. People in democratic countries then elect representatives to the privileged position of guardians of their freedom.

The World Health Organization (WHO) is promoting a pandemic treaty (‘CA+’), and  amendments to the existing International Health Regulations (IHR), to increase its power during health emergencies. These proposals also broaden the scope of emergencies to include potential rather than actual harm. The draft treaty suggests a definition of ‘One Health’ that encompasses any occurrence in the biosphere that could impact human well-being. This decision-making power will be placed in the hands of a single person, the WHO Director General. The WHO will require countries to sign on to these agreements to suppress and censor the voices of those who question the Director-General’s dictates. (See link for article and audio)



This website has posted frequently on this proposed frightening and dystopian WHO world takeover.  The article above explains it in full as well as the fact that the WHO is a conflicted organization whose funding comes from private and corporate sponsors who specify how their money will be used.  Don’t be fooled.  WHO is a powerful organization, but it is not a public health organization, despite all its deceitful rhetoric to the contrary.

The article also points out that the lack of coverage on this topic from major media is easy to understand once you discover that their greatest revenue comes from the same companies funding the WHO.  It’s all a big club that you and I are not in.

The current WHO Director-General was a minister in a dictatorial government.

WHO has a disastrous track record:

  • it supported policies that have worsened diseases as malariatuberculosis and malnutrition
  • it increased debt and poverty to lock in poorer health for the next generation
  • its policies increased child labor and facilitated the rape of millions of girls forced into child marriage, whilst denying formal education to hundreds of millions of children
  • it is behind a disastrous program resulting in the sterilization of African women without their consent
  • sick elderly people were unable to get care, while healthy people were confined at home
  • it has promoted the largest upwards concentration of wealth and its consequent mass impoverishment in history
  • it ignores the big killers of humanity (cancer, heart disease, strokes, diabetes, and other metabolic diseases as well as TB, malaria, AIDS, and child malnutrition) and shines the spotlight on ‘pandemics’ that have taken a minimal toll on humanity in the past century.  It still considers COVID (average age of death >75 years) and even monkeypox (<100 deaths globally) to be international emergencies.  It also believes there is a climate emergency, despite experts stating otherwise
  • WHO refused to fire staffers involved in a sex crimes scandal using the absurd argument that it was OK because the victims were not getting WHO aid
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