Back From Lyme Disease and Career Abyss, Jimmy Walker Grabs Lead at Heritage

Jimmy Walker, who won the PGA Championship in 2016, is back on tour thanks to a one-year exemption. He’s looking to make the most of it.

HILTON HEAD, S.C. – Jimmy Walker is like Kodak, an iconic brand name that was known by everyone until the world passed it by and film morphed into digital.

Walker may not have been as iconic as Kodak or Blackberry, but for a stretch from 2014 to 2016, Walker had six wins, including the 2016 PGA Championship. He was a force.

As time went on, instead of contending on the weekend he was back home, at first wondering where his game had gone and then eventually resigned to the fact that it was over.

A bout with Lyme disease near the end of 2016 caused irreparable harm and from there his confidence and to some extend his ability ebbed away.

And like Kodak, the golfing world passed him by.  (See link for article)



The article points out that the pro golfer was also infected with EBV, West Nile virus, two different types of bacterial pneumonia, as well as Lyme disease.  He suffered “brain to body disconnects” and lack of energy which caused depression.

Now he’s back playing golf.

‘’I’m still a competitor, I still want to win, I still want to have all those feels and have all that built inside me,” Walker said. “And I mean, that doesn’t change, right?

“I want it bad. So that’s the bottom line.”

And we out here in Lymeland are all rooting for him to win as well, but winning in golf pales in comparison to overcoming Lyme/MSIDS!

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