May: Lyme Disease Awareness Month Coming Up

Need some resources on Lyme and other tickborne illnesses to share with neighbors and friends?

Go here for downloadable posters and brochures to educate others on this very real 21st century plague.

The posters include everything from tick prevention to symptoms experienced, to a handy chart listing details about coinfections, to a sheet on Lyme facts that defy the commonly touted narrative regurgitated by most doctors.  Very helpful stuff.

For more on tick prevention:  Includes a multi-pronged approach covering you, your pets, and your yard.

For more on what to do if you are bitten by a tick:  Great advice here.  Be prepared and always carry a tick removal device with you at all times.

Remember, ticks have been found in the most unlikely places.

I shared this before but it’s worth repeating: the wind can blow ticks off of trees into your yard.  I had a Lyme advocate tell me that ticks were blowing into her pool, located quite a distance away from all trees.  I experienced this myself last summer when I noticed a tick that suddenly appeared on my beach towel on the deck of my pool where again – trees are some 30 feet away and nothing else is around the pool. It was a particularly windy day.  I also met TV anchor Mike Schneider who relayed in person to me how he was infected at a friend’s garden party on their deck and whose feet never touched the grass.  Schneider believes he was infected by a tick dropping or blowing out of a tree onto his head.  While most researchers deny this phenomenon, I’ve heard it too many times for it to be coincidental.  Birds transporting ticks is a much bigger issue in my opinion than mice, yet mice get all the press coverage and research money.

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