April 19, 2023

A groundbreaking new report sent to every member of Parliament by the Perseus group – a team of experts from the fields of medicine, pharmaceutical regulation and safety management – has set out in detail the numerous concerns raised by experts globally about the ‘vaccines’ and the specific concerns about the U.K.’s Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Authority (MHRA) responsible for giving them the green light.

Main criticisms of the report:

  • Lack of concern of COVID injection adverse reactions/deaths is shocking
  • Before the rollout, a rigorous proactive vigilance of safety was promised but a single 15 month old report has been given
  • MHRA failed to act for months regarding AstraZeneca shot problems (blood clotting, heart inflammation, neurological conditions, immune downregulating, and menstrual disorders)
  • Risks vs benefits were absent making informed consent impossible
  • Authoring mRNA gene products as “vaccines” yet giving them lower regulatory requirements leading to quality issues
  • Assessing its safety relative to its benefit rather than in absolute terms
  • MHRA never defines the tolerable rate of fatal and serious side-effects
  • FOIA requests reveal there has NEVER been a safety audit by the MHRA, and there is no process for investigating Yellow Card reports of adverse events
  • While the 2020 Cumberlege report lists basic safety and governance issues that notes with concern, the new Perseus group report rips the MHRA a new one
  • Anyone who shares concerns should write to his or her MP to ask if they have read the report and what they intend to do. Other suggested actions include signing the petition to “Launch a Public Inquiry into the approval process for COVID-19 vaccines” and signing the open letter to the Health Secretary organised by the Together DeclarationSource

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