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Lyme Innovation: Dr. Neil Spector

  • More cases of Lyme than breast cancer.
  • Points out there is targeted treatment for cancer. Just like cancer, Lyme is not one disease and it demands the same targeted treatment.
  • Early vs Late – prevention is everything.
  • There is genomic precision medicine to detect cancer. The same sort of precision medicine for Lyme needs to happen.  Why do some do well with doxycycline while others do not?  Studying genes would reveal this.
  • Therapeutic resistance:  Lyme Persisters are a big deal.  The biology for cancer and Lyme are very similar.  We should learn from cancer.

Break down the silence on Lyme Disease.

  • EMT:  cells mutate in cancer and change shape.  This happens in Lyme Disease as well.
  • Metastatic disease – why a tumor cell goes to the brain and not the lung is built into the microenvironment.  Same for Lyme.  These are not random accidents.
  • Cancer and LD is very smart.  He suggests figuring out when they change shape, what proteins change, and then target it at that point.
  • With cancer, they can now detect a single tumor cell in the blood.  Now can also detect cell-free DNA in the blood that picks up all sorts of mutations.  The same needs to happen with Lyme Disease.

If the science doesn’t impact the patient.  WHO CARES

Dr. Spector never had the classic symptoms of LD and was not diagnosed due to a missed a band on current CDC two-tiered testing.  His case progressed to needing a heart transplant.

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