The CDC Lied: The mRNA Wasn’t Meant to “Stay in the Arm”

The CDC’s information page on Covid-19 vaccines contains the following bullet points on “How mRNA COVID-19 vaccines work:”

First, mRNA COVID-19 vaccines are given in the upper arm muscle or upper thigh, depending on the age of who is getting vaccinated.

After vaccination, the mRNA will enter the muscle cells. Once inside, they use the cells’ machinery to produce a harmless piece of what is called the spike protein…. After the protein piece is made, our cells break down the mRNA and remove it, leaving the body as waste.

Or, in other words, as we have long been told, “it” – the mRNA – “stays in the arm.” And then, after having instructed the muscle cells to produce the spike, is disposed of.

But look at the below picture from a recent presentation on mRNA vaccination at the European Parliament. The picture was posted on Twitter by Virginie Joron, a French member of the parliament. The speaker is no less an authority than Özlem Türeci, the Chief Medical Officer of BioNTech: the German biotech company that developed what has come to be known to most of the world as the “Pfizer” Covid-19 vaccine.

Have a closer look at Türeci’s slide, which tells a very different story than that which the CDC has been telling Americans for the last two years.  (See link for article)



  • The injection site is merely the point of departure to take the mRNA to the lymph nodes
  • Once in the preferred location of the lymph nodes (the information hubs of the immune system), the dendritic cells manufacture the spike protein
  • An earlier construct of mRNA was injected directly into the groin
  • Realizing this wouldn’t be accepted, they created the lipid nanoparticles so it would be widely distributed and reach the lymph nodes
  • The obvious reason the CDC has been lying for two years is in efforts of reassuring the public that the clot shot is safe and effective
  • The CDC has a long history of lying


Video Link

Dr. John Campbell

Feb. 20, 2023

Dr. Campbell goes over the Denmark study showing the mRNA does not remain in the arm as we were told.

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