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The Power of Fasting For Health

Recently I saw a book that intrigued me called, “Starving to Heal in Siberia: My Radical Recovery From Late-Stage Lyme Disease and How It Could Help Others.”

While I admit I haven’t read it yet, fasting is as old as time itself, and even Upton Sinclair wrote an article back in 1910 on his experiences with fasting.  He then wrote “The Fasting Cure” which is considered a historical work.

Intermittent fasting or time restrictive eating is all the rage now.  Studies on rats have shown this form of fasting can reduce weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, and improve blood sugars.

The type of fasting utilized by the Lyme patient in the book, however, is called dry fasting which is an extreme version of intermittent fasting which involves restricting both food and water intake.  Researchers at Baylor College of Medicine have found that dry fasting (fasting without food or liquid) from dawn to dusk for four weeks has an anti-atherosclerotic, anti-inflammatory and anti-tumorigenic effect on the proteins in a type of immune cell called a peripheral blood mononuclear cell (PBMC)A previous study found similar results in blood serum.

But Heal Lyme?  My interest is piqued.

The following article may help explain why fasting can also help Lyme/MSIDS patients, and those who are “vaccine” injuried:


Friday Hope: Fasting – Removing Senescent Cells and Reducing ROS

Our greatest weapon against the Spike Protein may just be self-discipline.

MAR 31, 2023

The Spike Protein of SARS-CoV-2 induces two phenomena which drive cells, and ultimately organs, into a state resembling the oldest old. These are Senescence and the induction of ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species).

SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein Induces Paracrine Senescence and Leukocyte Adhesion in Endothelial Cells

A Preliminary Study about the Role of Reactive Oxygen Species and Inflammatory Process after COVID-19 Vaccination and COVID-19 Disease

However, we have a therapeutic which is very effective against both phenomena. It is one that is the free and universally accessible. This is the therapeutic of FASTING.

Far from being a cure-all, I believe the evidence demonstrates that adding fasting to a COVID, Long COVID and Spike Protein Injury protocol will prove very effective. Additionally, fasting will also most likely be proven as a prophylactic against COVID and Spike Protein Injury.

Fasting is extremely effective at preventing and removing Senescent cells.  (See link for article)



Wild animals that are sick stop eating.  This innate intelligence allows their bodies to heal and transfer all the energy spent in digestion toward healing. A lot of energy is used to digest food. This is also a similar tenet of the Gershon Therapy for cancer and other degenerative diseases.  By juicing only organic fresh fruits and vegetables, less energy is required for digestion and more for healing, plus the patient can absorb more nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.

Go here for Autophagy Fasting: Benefits and How To

Briefly, autophagy is the body’s natural way to clean up damaged cells.  My old holistic doc once told me, “The body is like a kitty litter box because crap builds up and needs cleaning out.”

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