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FDA Director Issues Shocking Threat if You Don’t Take New Injection


Dr. Suneel Dhand discusses FDA Director Dr. Peter Mark’s statement that while “vaccine” mandates are not the way to go, the shot is for those who “want to save their lives,” insinuating that those who don’t take the jab don’t want to save their lives.  Dhand states that this shockingly absurd statement is indicative of the past years with COVID.  Marks freely admits that despite attempting for 10 years to produce a “vaccine” to prevent the flu, it hasn’t happened yet, and he doesn’t expect the next for COVID shot to be “too different” from what’s currently available.

  • The FDA is supposed to be a regulatory agency and has no business pushing medical therapeutics and formulating policy
  • The FDA has no evidence to support the assertion that the COVID injections will reduce hospitalization or save your life
  • This typifies the sheer arrogance of our public health ‘authorities’ and reveals they have learned nothing from COVID
  • Rather than simply reflecting upon their own mismanagement of COVID for the erosion in confidence for both public health and “vaccines,”  they will continue to blame others for ‘misinformation’
  • There are 88 bills in state legislatures to roll back or outlaw any sort of “vaccine” mandate.  Public health “vaccine” pushers simply can not fathom this and continue to falsely state that there are too many people dying of COVID – again insinuating that the COVID injections somehow stop this, which they don’t
  • Interestingly, Penny Heaton, MD, Global Therapeutic Area Head for Vaccines at J&J, is interested in moving beyond lipid nanoparticles that may be “potentially less reactogenic, potentially more immunogenic, potentially actually direct[ing] the exact immune response we want.”  This statement admits the COVID shots are reactogenic, not immunogenic, and are not giving the correct immune response.
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