Dr. Peter Gøtzsche is a rare individual.  A Danish physician and co-founder of the Cochrane Collaboration, he’s been targeted for not touting the accepted narrative on multiple occasions.  This quote sums him up well:

“I dig so deeply in my research, that I find the skeletons people have buried down there. And when I put them up on the ground people yell and scream, and call me all sorts of names, because they didn’t think anybody would ever find the skeletons.” ~ Peter Gøtzche

And this infamous quote:

“People avoid an honest academic debate. Instead they revert to authorized information and bull s _ _ _ , which means something that is short of lying.” ~ Peter Gøtzsche

If ever there was a time to know about the skeletons, it’s now and Gøtzche doesn’t disappoint.

Due to his discovery and exposing of skeletons, the Cochrane board by a narrow majority ended his membership.  Then, four board members promptly resigned in protest.  Gøtzsche had the audacity to defy Big Pharma and the “vaccine” and cancer industries.  All of which are big no-nos the the current world we live in.


Renowned Medical Researcher & Colleague Publish Systematic Review of Serious Harms From COVID-19 Vaccines

The review reveals major errors on the part of regulators, flawed health guidance recommendations, weak vaccine trials, underreporting of injury and a miscalculation of cost-benefit analysis.

Dr. Peter Gøtzsche is a well known Danish physician with four decades of research experience, publishing 97 papers in the “big five” (BMJLancetJAMAAnnals of Internal Medicine, and New England Journal of Medicine) and 19 Cochrane reviews.

He is a co-founder of the Cochrane Collaboration, a British international charitable organization formed to organize medical research findings to facilitate evidence-based choices about health interventions involving health professionals, patients and policy makers.

Gøtzsche, along with medical scientist and investigative journalist Maryanne Demasi, PhD, have published a new paper titled “Serious harms of the COVID-19 Vaccines: A Systematic Review.”  (See link for article)



  • Big Pharma & drug regulators (corrupt public health) never allowed independent researchers to examine the raw trial data forcing advocacy groups to sue FDA for access to the documents.  So much for public health.
  • The article highlights 9 major points outlined by the authors including the fact many “vaccine” studies are of poor quality but were published anyway.  Adenovirus vector “vaccines” increase risk of venous thrombosis and thrombocytopenia while mRNA-based “vaccines” increase the risk of myocarditis with a mortality of about 1-2 per 200 cases. The injections also cause serious neurological harms and autoimmune reactions.  The push for population-wide “vaccination” and boosters ignores the negative benefit to harm balance.
Not sure how many experts have to state the obvious but these gene therapy injections need to go away forever.

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