Cardiologist calls for an end to mNRA booster shots – as teen, 18, tells how her reaction to the jab saw her miss her Year 12 exams: ‘I’ve had 60 to 70 in my practice who’ve had similar reactions’

  • Sydney teen diagnosed with heart condition after first Covid jab
  • Monica Eskandar, required to get the jab to take her tests, missed her HSC exams after being diagnosed with pericarditis after getting the shot
  • Now top Sydney cardiologist Dr Ross Walker has called for a ban on mRNA jabs
  • He’s seen a rise in heart conditions over past 12 months relating to Covid jabs
  • He believes other Covid vaccines are ‘just as good’ as Pfizer and Moderna

A teenage schoolgirl has revealed how she had to miss her HSC exams after a mandatory Covid jab left her with an agonising heart condition for months.

Now a Sydney cardiologist has called for an end to the use of mRNA vaccines like Pfizer and Moderna, after seeing a rise in jab-related heart conditions.

Monica Eskandar, 18, was rushed to hospital with terrifying chest pains just hours after her first Covid vaccination in September last year.

Doctors later diagnosed her with pericarditis, a condition linked with mRNA Covid jabs like Pfizer and Moderna, which causes painful inflammation of the heart lining.   (See link for article)


Keep in mind that all the mRNA shots are linked with severe and significant side-effects and two more studies are linking the shots with heart issues.

Unfortunately, fraudulent studies continue to be used to peddle the injections.

This study from Hong Kong comparing myocarditis post “vaccine” vs viral myocarditis is already being weaponized to exonerate the shots, and uses statistical obfuscation to downplay the fact the COVID shots are damaging previously healthy hearts.  Video Here (Approx. 45 Min)


Dec. 17, 2022

Dr. McCullough, a cardiologist, as been an outspoken critic of the COVID mRNA experimental gene therapy injections and has testified three times in the U.S. Senate as well as in multiple state Senates on adverse reactions being seen.  He states there is “no role for social media to censor scientific information.”  

McCullough discusses the suppression of treatments, and the pushing of toxic remdesivir in hospitals, which the WHO advised against due to side effects (kidney and liver damage).

Yet despite the monkeys tumbling out of the barrel, dumb, dishonest arguments continue to be made pushing the clot shots.

A stunning pre-print study by the Cleveland Clinic published Monday at medRxiv shows that the gene therapy shots raise the risk of contracting COVID-19, with each successive booster increasing this risk.  The unvaccinated now have the lowest risk of contracting COVID-19. While the increased risk was relatively minimal, the result is the opposite of how the vaccines have been sold and mandated by government authorities. The highest risk was for those who received more than three vaccines.

Important excerpt:

“The association of increased risk of COVID-19 with higher numbers of prior vaccine doses in our study, was unexpected.”

So they don’t lose their minds, censored and persecuted pro-freedom doctors have joined together to sing “The 12 Lies of COVID” in a Christmas carol remix.
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