Real Not Rare: Our Tears, Our Truths, Our Testimonies – Feb 12, 2023, Dublin, OH

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Last week, I interviewed my beloved friends Doug and Rishanne Golden about transformations.

They have been through so much with the loss of their daughter, Haleigh. These two powerhouses have not stopped fighting – just wait until you hear about Rishanne’s transformation.

They have made a documentary, Real Not Rare: Our Tears, Our Truths, Our Testimonies. You can watch the documentary trailer here.

Right now, the team has raised USD $4,250 of the USD $11,000 goal to recoup expenses – and better yet, Rishanne wants to put DVDs of this into the hands of legislators across Ohio – and across the country

From Doug & Rishanne:

Since the unexpected passing of our beautiful, vibrant daughter Haleigh, from vaccine induced grand mal seizures, we have put forth efforts to honor our young daughter’s memory, share her truth, as well as that of countless other individuals and families tragically harmed or senselessly taken from indemnified products touted for decades as “safe and effective”.

Shortly following Haleigh’s untimely death, we formed Haleigh’s Heart with a mission to increase vaccine education, awareness and outreach.  

An aspiring journalist, Haleigh intended to one day tell her story, but desired to first complete her final semester of college. Since Haleigh will never have the opportunity to share her own story, we continue to be Haleigh’s voice, and that of many others, so to share their important, lifesaving messages and truths.

Over the last two years, we have been bootstrapping and working to produce a documentary in order to bring forth Haleigh’s story, including the testimonies of many others, and we are honored to premiere Real Not Rare: Our Tears, Our Truths, Our Testimonies on Sunday, February 12, 2023 in Dublin, Ohio.

We are incredibly grateful for those who have supported our family, Haleigh’s message, and our mission over these years!  We respectfully ask your consideration and support in contributing to or sponsoring this important film with Sponsorship opportunities below.  All monies will be utilized to directly offset production costs, and rental fees with any remaining funds used solely for vaccine education, awareness and outreach!  Thank you in advance!

_______________ Video Here (Approx. 15 Min)

The Vaccinated Are Getting AIDS: Deaths In Germany Surge 276% As Immunocompromised Drop Dead

Vaxxed Germans are waking up to the fact they are immunocompromised and now have AIDS.
Dr. Judy Mikovits is back to discuss how Covid-19 was a premeditated murder scheme.

Covid is a man-made genetic sequence and a weapon of biowarfare.
The Covid-19 bioweapon was humanized in mice through “directed evolution” to cause it to kill and spread more efficiently.

The human race was primed to test positive for Covid-19 through bioengineered polio vaccines backed by Bill Gates!

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