Bill Gates, “Aerogel” & the next stage of mRNA “vaccines”

Kit Knightly


But what appears at first glance to be a frank admission is really about protecting the narrative and setting up a new market for new vaccinesLast week professional-software developer and amateur epidemiologist Bill Gates admitted that the mRNA Covid “vaccines” had “three problems,” including that they don’t prevent transmission.

Speaking at a Lowy Institute panel in Sydney Australia, Gates told the audience:

We also need to fix the three problems with the vaccines. The current vaccines are not infection-blocking, they’re not broad – so when new variants comes up you lose protection – and they have a very short duration…

Let’s be clear, Gates “admitting” some relatively harmless alleged problems with the “vaccines” is not due  to an attack of conscience or a Freudian slip, it’s just preparing for the next step of the scam.  (See link for article)



  • Gates only concedes that the old “vaccines” don’t work so that he can sell his new “vaccine” developed last March (or before) which is an “aerogel” you inhale to “prevent transmission.”
  • This new “vaccine” is hitting headlines conspicuously as Big Pharma is seeing profit declines.


Gates may be an amateur epidemiologist, but he is a brilliant propagandist who expertly uses the “limited hangout” or “save the frame” rhetorical model for handling loss of faith among the ranks in the face of abject failure of the COVID gene therapy injections.  Unlike the Pfizer employee who blatantly exposes the continuing ‘gain of function’ research, Gates knows how to subtly massage words to lure critics into conceding big lies into small “mistakes.”  Oops!  We’ll get it right this time!

He understands the importance of controlling the media  by funneling money to a multitude of news organizations, as well as funding “fact” checkers to shut down the opposition while appearing credible.  He has direct ties with “vaccine” manufacturers to “vaccinate” the world despite not vaccinating his own children, and is part of self-appointed global health groups with nongovernmental organization “NGO names,” like the National Academy of Medicine (NAM) that use Mafia tactics to cripple nation states while enriching themselves.

The guy really is brilliant in a sick, twisted way.

While Pfizer warned investors to lower their expectations for 2023, Gates sold his stock using impeccable timing and made huge profits.

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