Miraculous Recovery of Hypoxemic COVID-19 Patients with Ivermectin

Unhooking Spike Hemagglutinated Red Blood Cells

By Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH

The past three years have generated millions of case vignettes of patients with COVID-19 respiratory illness.  The most dramatic cases include critically ill inpatients with severe hypoxemia despite maximum respiratory support.  By far, the most notable cases of survival have occurred with the administration of ivermectin.  Former NIH researcher David Scheim, PhD, early in the pandemic proposed that SARS-CoV-2 Spike protein was acting like a grappling hook pulling together circulating red blood cells into long chains and clumps in a process called hemagglutination.  This explained why the red blood cells could not carry oxygen normally and was congruent with the finding of micro blood clots in the lungs.  Recently, Boschi et al have provided additional support for this mechanism.[i]   In a spectacular publication, Stone et al, describes the prompt improvement of oxygenation in patients with ivermectin.[ii] (See link for article)


Ivermectin study here:

Important excerpt:

All but three of these 34 patients had significantly increased SpO2 values within 24 h after the first IVM dose.

All patients in both of these critical series recovered.

These rapid increases in SpO2 values after IVM treatment stand in sharp contrast to declines in SpO2 and associated pulmonary function through the second week following the onset of moderate or severe COVID-19 symptoms under standard care.
Please see this brief 2 minute video by Dr. Paul Marik on how ivermectin:
  • is an antiviral that works against a host of RNA viruses
  • is powerfully anti-inflammatory
  • stimulates autophagy – the healing mechanism that helps the body get rid of the spike protein
  • improves the microbiome
“If You Had to Design a Drug for COVID, It Would Look Exactly Like Ivermectin” ~ Dr. Paul Marik


Hypoxemic simply means abnormally low blood oxygen level.  Some COVID patients have struggled with breathlessness, which has been treated in hospitals by using ventilators that have failed to work.  A front-line NY doctor pointed this out in early 2020 but nobody cares. Our corrupt government through the CARES ACT actually paid hospitals to use ineffective treatments which have caused a staggering death toll. A National Library of Medicine January 2021 report of 69 studies involving more than 57,000 patients concluded that fatality rates were 45% in COVID-19 patients receiving invasive mechanical ventilation, increasing to 84% in older patients.

Attorney Renz announced at a Truth for Health Foundation Press Conference that CMS data showed that in Texas hospitals, 84.9% percent of all patients died after more than 96 hours on a ventilator.

And this isn’t even counting the death toll from toxic remdesivir, the horrific neglect of patients due to malnourishment, and dehydration, and with the government’s “get sicker” policy.
Africa uses ivermectin regularly for parasites, and in 2021 I posted how African countries with community directed ivermectin treatment programs had much lower COVID morbidity and mortality and were the strongest predictor of improved survival and recovery rates of COVID.  Yet, mainstream medicine and media simply couldn’t or wouldn’t understand this.
For a deep dive into the timeline in the War on Ivermectin:

A Timeline of Major Battles In the Global War on Ivermectin – Part 1

My chronology of the Disinformation tactics deployed to paint ivermectin as an ineffective horse dewormer against Covid. Largely taken from the ever-evolving keynote lecture I give at conferences

In this three-parter, I am going to present, in approximate chronological order, the most important events regarding both the emergence of evidence of the massive efficacy of ivermectin and the countering, neutering, and destroying tactics deployed by the Disinformationists paid for by Big Pharma and/or The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF). Although many of these events will not be news to my long-time subscribers, there is some new stuff, and it reads (hits) different when presented chronologically and in somewhat rapid-fire format. Let’s go.

Lets start with some foreshadowing by taking a look as to where this is all heading. As of today, December 5, 2022, the evidence base for ivermectin in Covid is below, thanks to the tireless work of the group.

93 controlled trials. 73 of them are peer-reviewed trials. 43 of them randomized controlled trials. Aside from the evidence base for hydroxychloroquine in Covid (which is larger), I know of no other medicine in any disease model in history with an evidence base this large, yet still considered “unproven” or “ineffective” by the health systems of advanced health economies around the world.

Similarly, it is unprecedented that, despite an evidence base this large and positive, these same health systems systematically persecute and punish physicians who use the medicine despite an unparalleled safety profile. How did we get to this dystopian nightmare? Slowly and deliberately, using relentless propaganda and censorship of the truth. Take a walk with me down memory lane of the Disinformation war on ivermectin.  (See link for article, relevant research, & powerful video)  


The Timeline of Major Battles In the Global War on Ivermectin – Part 2

In the wake of the FLCCC press conference, Senate Testimony and review paper retraction, suddenly Merck fires the first public salvo in the Disinformation war by posting brazen lies on their website.

Following from all the events in December 2020 and January 2021, we continue:


The anti-ivermectin PR campaign was kicked off by Merck’s PR department when they quietly posted three brazen lies on the night of February 3rd. I already covered this action in a recent post. This ignited a media amplification of Merck’s statement, most notably by.. Reuters, posted within 6 hours of Merck’s.

The media literally started blaring unfiltered and un-fact checked Pharma lies. My confusion as to what was wrong in the world further deepened.


We didn’t know what to do besides attacking this action on Twitter and in interviews and podcasts (which were all on the periphery/small audiences of the independant media of the internet or on right wing-leaning outlets). Not one critical take of Merck by major media as they all assumed Merck was just trying to be helpful in their guidance. I first begin to use the phrase clown world.

Important excerpt:

 To wit, we now know that:

The three Federal Health Agencies paid media outlets $1 billion dollars to promote the safety and efficacy of the vaccines, the Trusted News Initiative made a global compact amongst the world’s largest media organizations to censor medical “misinformation” (truth actually), and now we have evidence emerging that the White House was regularly directing social media companies to censor individuals whose “science” was inconvenient to their interests. We also recently discovered that a single massive PR firm worked simultaneously for Moderna, Pfizer, and the CDC. Ultimately, all I have to say about this chapter (and it is not really a chapter or event) is that it literally spanned the entire pandemic and is only getting worse, like with Clownifornia’s recent bill threatening doctors for sharing an opinion contrary to some supposed “scientific consensus.”

(See link for research and article)


The Timeline of Major Battles In the Global War on Ivermectin – Part 3

The final phases of the Disinformation war on ivermectin kicks into high gear with the launch of the “Horse Dewormer” public relations campaign followed by the publication of Pharma corrupted trials.


This was, after the manipulation of the Pharma funded trials, the biggest offensive in the war. I maintain that Weber Shandwick, the PR firm working simultaneously for Moderna, Pfizer and the CDC had constructed it well before, and were just waiting for the best time to launch it.

This is what prompted them to launch the campaign:

As you can see from the graph above.. ivermectin prescriptions in the U.S were rapidly increasing to a level never before seen in history. August 13, 2021 was the middle of the Delta wave.. and Delta was wicked. Much harder to treat than prior variants. Late Delta was insanely difficult to treat (October-December 2021), so much so that ivermectin alone was no longer enough, and during that time period of late Delta, I was routinely using between 3-6 different medicines to keep patients out of the hospital. But none died and nearly all avoided hospital (the one exception was a cousin who contacted me on Day 10 of her illness, already breathless, I treated her for a day and a half before she had to be admitted, however she was only in for 4 days and never ventilated).  (Fauci on CNN on 10/30/22 lying about ivermectin)

Important excerpt regarding the news segment:

It was carried by every major news organization around the world, like our friends at the Associated Press. No-one notices the unprecedented nature of such an action (it has been FDA approved for years) nor that they have no authority to do this. At the risk of repeating myself, just take a moment and ponder the fact that you have three major U.S medical societies calling for an immediate end to the use of a medicine supported by a meta-analysis of 60 controlled trials showing it leads to major mortality (and other) benefits. Now you know why I call our country the United States of Pharma.


September 1, 2021 – What happened next is that the horse dewormer meme explodes throughout mass media – every late night talk show host does a bit, every broadcaster and journalist. They pull a fierce “2 by 4” PR campaign (remember a “2 by 4” defines a propaganda campaign as any story or message that appears for 2 weeks on 4 different channels or major media sources. Rachel Maddow actually “led the way” on August 21, the same day as the FDA tweet that kicked off the entire campaign. Nice coordination there Weber Shandwick. CNN then followed up on August 23, blaming “right-wing” media for “pushing” a “deworming drug.” These narratives start to build as you can see:

The entire sordid account is here for historical review and record.  Dr. Kory deserves serious street cred for this poignant, humble, beyond belief account he continues to live through.
He states:
I went to bed on February 6th, 2022 as a physician (albeit clinging on to his license). On Feb. 7, 2022, I woke up to discover the U.S. Department of Homeland Security had come to the conclusion that my deeply studied scientific opinions made me a domestic terrorist.

He mentions Mikki Willis’ accurate and powerfully done short documentary on ivermectin.

He ends by stating he’s probably done writing about ivermectin on his Substack as he needs to move on, but that he never wants us to forget that it all started with his first patient who had a “profound and robust clinical response within 12 hours of her first dose after being ill and feverish for the prior two weeks.”  He states that result kept on happening until the variants changed which required higher doses and synergistic therapies.  Actually, this too has similarly been experienced in Lymeland.

Speaking of similarities, Kory points out that the atrocities that happened to Dr. Burzynski, who successfully treated patients with cancer, have happened to him.  In Burzynski’s case, concerted actions by health system entities began 30 years ago and predicted exactly what has happened to Kory and other doctors now considered “dissidents.”

Kory states we are predictably looking at a nasty RSV/FLU season due to “the lunatic mass vaccination campaign against a coronavirus.”  He is also busy treating the “vaccine” injured and those with long haul syndromes.  Ironically, ivermectin is one of his primary therapies to treat these syndromes which has transformed the lives of many, but similarly to Lyme/MSIDS the fly in the ointment is “insufficient evidence” for this claim, despite what he sees playing out with his own eyes.

The fraudulent trials “debunking” ivermectin continue….
For more excellent reading on the chronology of the take-down of ivermectin: 
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