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Plandemic 3 Set to Rock the World

Another eye-opening documentary uncovering the unprecedented pressure pushing the dangerous, toxic, experimental mRNA gene therapy injections.

The documentary details how government officials, politicians, entertainers, dating apps, and places of employment, have created, directed, and are taking part in the “greatest psychological fear campaign in human history”, causing unprecedented psychological pressure on all – including vulnerable children, pregnant women, and even babies to obtain an experimental, ineffective injection that doesn’t even meet the definition of a “vaccine.”

Del Big Tree interviews Mikki Willis, Director of the Plandemic series and comedian JP Sears.

Plandemic 3, Prelaunch Party is available now, on The Highwire. For more info go to  An evening of celebration and fundraising, as the countdown to the world premiere of Plandemic 3: The Great Awakening has begun. Guest speakers include JP Sears, Del Bigtree, and the visionary filmmaker himself, Mikki Willis.

Once there you can sign up to get updates for the documentary.

Willis has also made his book “Plandemic” free in audio format.

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